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Dantherm AC 22
Dantherm AC 22

AC 22

Condensation dehumidifier and air-conditioner

AC 22 is a very innovative dual-purpose unit that is capable of cooling and drying a wide variety of indoor areas. It does so using very little energy.

Spot air-conditioning is possible using the twin adjustable hoses that come with the standard delivery.

The highly durable and portable unit is ideal for emergency and temporary cooling and drying requirements in for instance tents, mobile hospitals, workspaces and other temporary buildings.


Key features

  • High capacity air-conditioning COLD AIR: 24,000 BTU/h (equal to 7.1kW with just 1.98kW electrical supply
  • High capacity dehumidifying DRY AIR: 130 l/day water collection with just 1.98kW electrical supply
  • Ducting connections
  • Powerful and quiet fans
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • Ideal for emergency and temporary solutions – quick deployment for tents and field hospitals

Product specifications

Cooling capacity (28°C/55% RH)


Drying capacity (30°C/80% RH)


Air flow


Operating temperature range


Nominal power supply (28°C/55%)


Nominal current (28°C/55%)


Max. current


Sound level



R1234YF A2L

Hot air outlet


Cold air outlet (standard)

2 x 135

Cold air outlet (accessory)


Product size (l x w x h) with handle

790 x 620 x 1326

Box size (l x w x h)

580 x 700 x 1500



Accessories and consumables

Master TAC thermostat 4141 501
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Product code: 4141.501

Accessory for AC 22

Master PVC flex tubes 1 way outlet 4515 572
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Product code: 4515.572

Accessory for AC 22

Master Flex tube for cold air 4515 370
Dantherm climate soloutions tab flip

Product code: 4515.370

Accessory for AC 22

Master NYLON flex tubes with bag 4515 360
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Product code: 4515.360

Accessory for AC 22

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