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Disinfection and pest control insights

Heylo Insights Content odour control
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Discover how to effectively disinfect and deep clean homes.

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Michael Schorling 2 min read
Insights Content virus child
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Airborne viruses are a threat to our health – how can Biocool help?

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Patricia Lairón Moreno 4 min read
Master clean air web
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Improving air quality for the sake of public health

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Maurice van der Kooij 4 min read
Heylo Insights Content school
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How air cleaning units help keep buildings fresh, clean and free of viruses and bacteria, including...

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Waldemar Luft 5 min read
Master Dead Bug web
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How heaters outmatch chemicals in the quest to kill bed bugs and other unwanted pests

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Elisa Vinco 7 min read

Featured products

Trotec TAC XT 18 aircleaner
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Multi air handlers

The unique and mobile all-rounder for professional H14 HEPA air purification, high-performance room heating, thermal decontamination and thermal disinfestation.

Master EKO 9 – electric heater for thermal disinfection
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Electric heaters for thermal disinfection and pest control

The Master EKO is placed inside the room and recirculates the air increasing the temperature by 15°C at a time.

Heylo HL 400 air cleaner
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Virus air cleaner

Innovative air cleaner optionally with EPA E11 or HEPA H14 filter against viruses and germs.

Trotec Airozon 20000 ozone disinfector
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Ozone disinfectors

Powerful ozone generator for the disinfection of interior spaces and for odour neutralization.

Master BC 341 – evaporative cooler
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Portable air coolers

Green and cost-effective cooling unit with integrated UV light. Ideal for open and semi-open spaces of up to 400m².

Heylo HL 800 virus air cleaner
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Virus air cleaner

Innovative air cleaner with EPA E11 and HEPA H14 virus filters

Heylo PATRIOT – pulsjet fogger
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Dry mist for disinfection

The fogger produces a fine, floating dry mist with a high throughput rate. For disinfection and odour neutralisation.

Trotec Airgo Pro 8 odour neutralizator
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Odour neutralizators

The professional solution for the efficient neutralization of unpleasant odours.

Master EKO 3 – electric heater for pest control
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Electric heaters for thermal disinfection and pest control

EKO works on the fact that bugs, larvae and eggs die of dehydration when kept at a temperature above 45°C degrees for a few hours.

Trotec Zerozon 200 oxygen regenerator
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Oxygen regenerators

Significantly accelerates the ozone depletion process and thus the economical reusability of rooms after they have been ozonized.

Heylo ODOX – oxidant
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Product code: 1800265

Oxidising and disinfecting agent for odour control. Neutralises foul odours, fish and smoke smells, kills bacteria, mould and viruses.

Heylo BIO-FRESH+ – odour neutralisation
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Product code: 1800201

Bioenzymatic cleaning and odour control. Binds musty, rancid or fishy odours. Atomisation with ULV sprayer or spray pump.

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