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With more than 60 years of experience, we have built extensive knowledge in our field.

Being an expert supplier of reliable climate control solutions means committing to staying ahead of the game. By combining this knowledge with continuous exploration of new technologies, we make sure to live up to our promise of providing expert solutions. This is always supported by a close cooperation with our customers to ensure we deliver the solutions that help them succeed in their business.



We engineer and build quality solutions.

In fact, it’s been at the heart of everything we do since we first started in the 1950s. That’s why we use long-lasting, solid components that have been through extensive testing. It’s our guarantee to customers that they can rely on our solutions to deliver outstanding performance and durability for their business.



To us, climate control is also about reducing the environmental footprint we leave behind as a company.

To that end, we design our solutions using the components and technologies that offer the best possible solution for users and the environment. We strive to always create solutions that are better for the environment than any other comparable solution.



All Dantherm Group solutions have been designed to be as efficient as possible.

Installing one of our solutions not only improves the surrounding climate, it also reduces energy costs. To us, efficiency is about delivering impressive performance while generating instant results and savings.



When engineering Dantherm Group solutions, our experts undertake extensive usability testing.

Usability in terms of making sure they are easy to install and hassle-free to keep in operation using intuitive user interfaces.


The power of the Dantherm Group

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I appreciate the consistently professional and excellent cooperation with Dantherm.

Dantherm products are of very high quality and are very powerful, which is highly appreciated by us, particularly by our military customers worldwide.

Michael Zeh, Head of Government Authority
HTS Tentiq

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