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Aerial AD 20 – condensation dehumidifier
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Condensation dehumidifiers

The AD 20 is so light and compact that it can be carried comfortably. It has several handles, an integrated condensate pump with overflow protection and numerous other features.

Heylo KT 45 - construction dryer
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Portable construction dryer

Construction dryer with dehumidification performance of 50 litres/day. For new buildings, basements or after water damage. Fast and efficient drying.

Dantherm CDP 40-50-70 – swimming pool dehumidifiers
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Wall-mounted/floor-standing swimming pool dehumidifiers

The wall-mounted or floor-standing CDP 40-50-70 condensation dehumidifiers have been designed to blend well with any modern pool interior.

Aerial ASE 400 – adsorption dehumidifier
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Adsorption dehumidifiers

Ideally suited for dehumidification of large spaces with low temperatures, the portable ASE dehumidifiers are extremely compact, sturdy and light-weight adsorption dryers.

Calorex DD 3500 – adsorption dehumidifier
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Industrial drying – adsorption

A dehumidifier offering additional features to those in the DD 1300 to DD 3300 range and with a higher capacity rotor and increased reactivation power.

Aerial AD 750 – condensation dehumidifier
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Condensation dehumidifiers

These high-quality processed units are used for drying structures and water damage as well as in industrial, trade, protection of investment and water-management applications.

Calorex Variheat AA/AW 600-900-1200-1500 – ducted swimming pool and commercial dehumidifiers
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AA/AW 600-900-1200-1500

The Variheat range are sophisticated air handling units incorporating heat pump dehumidification technology.

Dantherm DRD 120 163 235 358 – adsorption dehumidifiers
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Industrial drying – adsorption

Medium air flow and high-capacity desiccant dehumidifiers.

Heylo BT 60 - construction dryer
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Reduces humidity quickly and effectively

Construction dryer with max. dehumidification performance of 75 litres/day. With powerful axial fan and operating hours counter.

Calorex DH 150 – condensation dehumidifier
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Large-capacity floor-standing dehumidifiers

The DH 150 high-capacity floor-standing dehumidifier is self-contained with fully automatic operation.

Aerial VP 3 – side channel blower
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Side channel blower

The VP 3 side-channel blower offers reliability and energy-saving operation. The unit is air-cooled and operated in robust AERCUBE® housing. Its various gripping and carrying options make it easy to handle.

Calorex DH 75-110 – swimming pool and commercial dehumidifiers
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Floor-standing swimming pool and commercial dehumidifiers

With high moisture extraction for low energy use, as well as being corrosion free and easy to clean, these dehumidifiers are ideal for keeping humidity under control.

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Why choose dehumidifiers?

Commercial dehumidifiers help organisations and other firms regulate their climate and keep humidity levels within comfortable parameters all year round. To understand what size and type of industrial dehumidifier is fit for purpose, it is first important to gauge the presence of moisture presently.

Relative humidity (RH) is a measurement that expresses the concentration of moisture in the air as a percentage total of what it could hold. As the air temperature changes, so too does the amount of water in the atmosphere.

This is a useful metric to gauge how humid an environment is, as spaces flush with excess moisture or too much dried air can both be uncomfortable for occupants.

To strike the optimal balance within your indoor climate, a condense or commercial desiccant dehumidifier is a powerful tool that can help automatically monitor and control humidity levels and prevent the build-up of excess moisture in the air.

To determine whether a professional dehumidifier is necessary for your facility, there are several symptoms to be aware of.

In a space too dry, it can be common to see:

  • Irritated eyes and noses

  • Skin drying and flaking

  • Infections easily spreading inside

Whereas an environment that is too moist might lead to:

  • Damp and mould growth on walls

  • Musty smells indoors

  • Wood rot on beams and floors

Although there are two main types of industrial dehumidifiers – condense and desiccant units – they function similarly. Humid air is first drawn in and then, via the natural process of condensation or desiccation, unwanted moisture is captured and drained away. The dried air is then exhausted outwards, and the process repeats.

Because of this, commercial ducted dehumidifiers are optimally suited to removing excess moisture from the air in a wide range of scenarios, including water damage restoration, construction work and supermarkets.

Additionally, by harnessing either the natural process of desiccation or condensation to control the humidity levels and climate inside, our portable, wall-mounted and floor-standing solutions are very energy efficient, highly sustainable and exceptionally reliable.

To learn how our dehumidification technology can benefit you and your facilities, get in touch with a
member of our expert team today and let us help you choose the optimal solution for your needs.

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