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A commitment to collaboration, expertise and attention to detail remains core to Trotec’s DNA after more than three decades.

This philosophy is critical to how we work, and what allows us to build high-performance, industry-leading equipment that tackles our clients’ challenges anywhere from residential and commercial buildings, to industrial spaces and garages.

Product highlights

Trotec TAC XT 18 aircleaner
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Multi air handlers

The unique and mobile all-rounder for professional H14 HEPA air purification, high-performance room heating, thermal decontamination and thermal disinfestation.

Trotec TTR 400 D desiccant dehumidifier
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Industrial desiccant dehumidifier

Maximum performance and double flexibility thanks to Duoventic.

Trotec PT 6500 HT air conditioner
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Temporary cooling solutions

This mobile split air conditioner performs at its best even at high outside temperatures – can be used up to +55 °C ambient temperature.

Trotec DS 60 pool dehumidifier
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Wall-mounted swimming pool dehumidifiers

Effective humidity regulation in indoor swimming pools or whirlpools.

Trotec TAC 3000 air cleaner
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Professional air cleaners

From the construction site and asbestos abatement including to hygiene-sensitive areas and cleanrooms – all with one device.

Trotec TTW 20000 axial fan
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Uber-wind machines

Professional fan for mobile air circulation for machine rental companies, industry and entertainment.

Trotec TTR 250 desiccant dehumidifier
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Industrial desiccant dehumidifier

Guarantees reliable adsorption air dehumidification in the corrosion resistant stainless steel housing.

Trotec TEH 400 electric heater
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Heavy-duty electric heaters

Powerful heating without flames, smoke or condensation.

Trotec DH 105 S condensation dehumidifier
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Industrial condenser dryers

The slim industrial condenser dryer DH 105 S dehumidifies up to 165 litres per day.

Trotec Qube+ insulation dryer
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Professional commercial dehumidifiers

A powerful yet compact all-in-one insulation drying solution with integrated water separator, 4-stage filtering and silencer.

Trotec pyrometre TP 10
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Precision pyrometers

Professional infrared thermometre employing multi-point laser technology – extremely versatile.

Trotec PD 200 pulse current measuring system
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Pulse current measuring system

Non-destructive leak detection system for pinpointing of grounded leaks, roof inspections and floor sealing tightness testing.

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