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Agriculture insights

Insights Content Vertical Farming
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How regional farmers can take advantage of agriculture’s most promising innovation.

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Stig Solberg 12 min read
Insights Content Norway Fishing
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Streamlining fish processing techniques through climate-control technology.

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Stig Solberg 4 min read
Insights content sustainable food
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Learn how effective climate control solutions can support the need for sustainability in the food in...

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Marcus Bailey 10 min read
Insights Content fish production
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Find out how the DanX ECOline is achieving incredible energy savings for fish processing plants.

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Stig Solberg 6 min read
Master stables web
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Stay warm for less when working in poorly insulated farm sheds

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Monika Kokoreva 3 min read
Master cow shed web
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Flexible heating for animal keeping and drying and storage of produce

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Katarzyna Cellary-Zinko 5 min read
Calorex silo storage web
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How to tackle moisture problems when storing bulk materials

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Insights Content cannabis growing
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Exploring the importance of controlled crop drying.

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Marcus Bailey 6 min read

Featured products

Dantherm DanX XWPS – swimming pool air handling units
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Swimming pool and commercial

The DanX XWPS air handling unit combines the best advantages of a heat pump and an outside air dehumidification system.

Master BC 341 – evaporative cooler
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Portable air coolers

Green and cost-effective cooling unit with integrated UV light. Ideal for open and semi-open spaces of up to 400m².

Trotec DH 30 condensation dehumifidier
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Wall-mounted dehumidifiers

Robust, efficient, powerful – a professional dehumidifier with air circulating EC radial fan.

Calorex DH 150 – condensation dehumidifier
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Large-capacity floor-standing dehumidifiers

The DH 150 high-capacity floor-standing dehumidifier is self-contained with fully automatic operation.

Trotec TFV 300 EX radial fan
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Radial fans for explosion protection zones

The robust fan solution for high compression in ex-proof zones.

Master CF 75 – direct gas fired air heater
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Fixed direct gas fired air heaters

Designed for indoor and outdoor, the CF 75 is easy to install and the availability of cheap fuel allows to cut down on heating costs.

Master DHP 65 – condensation dehumidifier
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Professional condensation dehumidifiers

Mobile machines that are used in all types of rooms. The use of this type of condensation dehumidifier will speed up finishing and redecoration works.

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