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Read the story and learn how they also reduced their energy consumption and maintenance requirements

Photo of Fredrik Östman
Fredrik Östman 5 min read
Master Singapore dragon dance 09
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Evaporative cooling at Singapore outdoor event creates comfortable conditions during record-high tem...

Photo of Alberto Scorretti
Alberto Scorretti 5 min read
Insights Dantherm classic car
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Explore how effective humidity control preserves vintage motors in the most efficient way possible.

Photo of Christian Kjær Rosenvinge
Christian Kjær Rosenvinge 6 min read
Finding the right dehumidifier for emergency service drying rooms
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Discover why drying room dehumidifiers are so important for emergency services, and how to choose th...

Photo of Gareth Forshaw
Gareth Forshaw 5 min read
Drying rooms A great investment for industrial and commercial buildings
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When wet clothing risks your people’s comfort and health, a drying room is the ideal solution.

Photo of Gareth Forshaw
Gareth Forshaw 5 min read
How dehumidifiers tackle car corrosion across the automotive industry
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Discover how effective dehumidification can defend your vehicles against rust.

Photo of Gareth Forshaw
Gareth Forshaw 5 min read
Insights Master Info Air
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Explore how the technology works and why it is beneficial for fleet owners and event companies.

Photo of Grzegorz Kruk
Grzegorz Kruk 5 min read
Insights Swimming Pool Heat Pumps
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Heating an outdoor pool is an energy-consuming process. To keep costs and environmental impact to a...

Photo of Ian Furmidge
Ian Furmidge 6 min read
Insights Commercial Retail Space
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Both evaporative coolers and air-conditioners are effective ways at keeping indoor conditions cool....

Photo of Maurice van der Kooij
Maurice van der Kooij 5 min read
Insights Warehouse Sun
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Keeping warehouses and industrial buildings at the right temperature is crucial for your people, pro...

Photo of Agnieszka Dymarczyk
Agnieszka Dymarczyk 4 min read
Tackling damp and mould problems historic buildings
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Discover how we helped protect a 19th-century property in the heart of Copenhagen from the threat of...

Photo of Rasmus Brinck
Rasmus Brinck 6 min read
How to get rid of construction dust in the air
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Construction dust poses a significant health risk to workers on-site. Learn why it is important to p...

Photo of Michael Gertzmann
Michael Gertzmann 5 min read

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