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How to cool commercial tents when faced with hot weather

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While tents provide much-needed shade for workers, guests and refugees, they can quickly heat up on hot days. In this article, we will discuss several ways conditions inside commercial tents can be controlled.

During the summer months, commercial tents, marquees and other temporary structures can provide people refuge from the sun.

However, because they are often exposed to hours of sunlight, heat energy can easily penetrate the lining of these structures, sending temperatures soaring throughout the course of a hot day.

The waterproof materials used in these temporary structures also provide little ventilation, meaning conditions rapidly deteriorate when spaces become crowded with people or equipment.

Why is it crucial to cool tents?

While mild exposure to scolding temperatures can be uncomfortable, if these environments go unregulated for long enough, severe heat-related illnesses can take hold and pose a serious health hazard.

Additionally, the UV rays from the sun can damage tent fabric and weaken seams, while high temperatures melt plastic and warp metal. This can wreak havoc on essential equipment and cause devices to fail.

Infographic: How different commercial tents and marquees are affected by high temperatures - showcasing Festival, Refugee, and Wedding facilities

How to cool commercial tents

In order to keep conditions safe and comfortable inside different types of commercial marquees, there are numerous measures organisers and coordinators can take, depending on the scenario.

Use portable evaporative coolers

An effective way to reduce the indoor temperature within large open structures and prevent conditions from becoming uncomfortable or dangerous is to use portable evaporative coolers.

These types of units are ideal for outdoor events because they leverage the natural process of evaporation to produce their cooling power. This means operating costs can be kept low in a way that is completely environmentally friendly, all while minimising the number of generators and power sources an event or structure needs.

Additionally, portable evaporative units have significant cooling capacities. For example, a single Master BC 341 unit can cool an area as large as 400m2. This means large event tents, wedding marquees and refugee camps can be regulated with fewer units, reducing the time it takes to erect these structures.

Furthermore, these units can function well in open or semi-closed spaces, making them ideal for marquees with lots of foot traffic during the day, such as concerts or festivals.

And, although evaporative coolers cannot offer absolutely precise temperature control, some devices, such as the BCB 19, do allow users a greater degree of control over indoor temperature and humidity.

For these reasons, evaporative cooling technology tends to lend itself to event and festival tent cooling:

Infographic: Benefits of using portable evaporative coolers for large festival tents, refugee camps, and high-capacity marquees

Harness portable air-conditioners

Although evaporative coolers are often the most effective choice for marquee cooling, they are not suitable for every space. When precision or privacy is crucial, air-conditioners can be used to keep cool in tents that are smaller in size and sheltered from the elements.

Portable A/C units do not rely on outdoor weather to cool. As such, these devices can guarantee occupant comfort 100% of the time. This also means perishables, such as food, drink and medicine can be preserved no matter the weather.

Additionally, portable air-con can be more comfortable for guests in smaller, enclosed spaces as these machines generate a smaller breeze and create fewer noise disruptions for inhabitants.

For these reasons portable A/C units like our popular rental ACT 7 are sometimes used in camp and field hospital tent cooling:

Infographic: Benefits of using portable air conditioning units for pop-up dining areas, private small-scale parties, and small medical tents

Further ways to keep tents cool

While portable cooling technology is the cornerstone of any effective temperature control strategy, there are several other ways to further reduce the build-up of hot air in commercial marquees and tents:

Infographic: 5 step guide on how to keep commercial tents and marquees cool in hot conditions

How to choose the ideal cooler for your scenario

Although evaporative coolers are often the ideal choice for large commercial tents, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for regulating temporary installations. When deciding which type of cooling unit is best suited to your scenario, it is important to consider:

Outdoor climate

The conditions outside will not only have an impact on the heat load your chosen cooler will have to contend with, but it can also have a bearing on the effectiveness of your chosen solution itself.

Simply put, evaporative coolers thrive in hot, dry climates, whereas air-conditioners may be better suited to mild and humid climates. However, thanks to Master units’ specialised cooling pad technology, their effectiveness is well preserved in humid climates.

Size of space

Beyond this, the size of the tent that needs to be cooled will inform what type of unit is the right solution for any given space.

Evaporative coolers have the capacity to regulate temperatures in large marquees, while air-conditioners sport the A/C power to cool small tents. Depending on the size and layout of the structure, multiple evaporative coolers may be used in conjunction or applied to create distinct rest spots.

Number of people

Lastly, it is vital to consider the number of people a tent will house. The more crowded a space, the greater the volume of hot air a cooler will have to manage.

Bearing this in mind, evaporative systems are better suited to regulating busy tents because they can produce vast amounts of cool air. For spaces with less foot traffic, air-conditioners may be the better option.

Keeping your tent cool

From party tents to refugee camps, keeping these spaces cool is crucial to the health and comfort of people living, working or visiting these spaces. And, while there are numerous technologies and techniques that coordinators can use to do this, not every air cooler is created equal.

When deciding on the right model of machine for your scenario, it is important to bear in mind a unit’s:

  • Energy efficiency

  • Reliability

  • Size

  • Noise level

The last thing you want is to choose a cooler that is unfit for purpose. Whether that be a unit too weak to achieve optimal conditions inside, or too noisy and disruptive for guests, selecting a solution from a trusted brand is key.

Master is a climate control expert brand that has delivered quality air coolers to tents, marquees and events all over the world for more than 60 years. With our expertise, we have developed a lineup of coolers that leverage the latest technology to deliver outstanding efficiency, sustainability, usability and reliability.

Product showcase: Master BC 221 portable evaporative cooler with remote control functionality, BCB 19 portable evaporative cooler with built in humidity and temperature controls, and the ACD 137 portable dehumidifier and air-conditioner with powerful and quiet fans

As well as being highly capable coolers in their own right, Master’s evaporative technology is the optimal choice for cooling commercial tents because:

  • All of our units are highly energy-efficient and require as little as 20% of the power to deliver the same cooling as a comparatively sized A/C unit.

  • Our range of evaporative coolers is also incredibly effective, and can reduce indoor temperatures by between 5 and 10°C on average.

  • Each of our portable air coolers comes fitted with UV lighting that sanitises the water tank to prevent issues like Legionella from compromising any cool air emitted.

  • Master portable coolers are also incredibly quick and easy to set up with a plug-and-play principle. Simply fill the water tank and connect it to a power source to start cooling.

Why tent owners trust Master

It isn’t just our decades of experience and our selection of high-performance units that attract event organisers, tent operators and rental companies to the Master brand. As the first and only European cooler manufacturer, all of our units are built to guarantee a long lifecycle.

Furthermore, to give clients peace of mind when making a purchase with us, we offer an unprecedented 3-year limited warranty on all of our coolers to ensure they remain effective for years to come.

As well as this, our technology is backed by our large support network, meaning expertise, technicians and spares are only ever a phone call away.

If you would like to learn more about our lineup of portable coolers and how they can help keep your tents, marquees and temporary structures cool, get in touch today.

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