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Aerial Active carbon filter 5107 0052
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 2001224

Accessory for AMH 100

Aerial Hygrostat 6109 0040
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 2002309

Accessory for ASE 400

Aerial Adaptor plate 5101 0806
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 2000555

Accessory for VP 3, VP 6, VT 2, HF 2, SD 2

Aerial Hose clamp discharge hose 5404 0089
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 2003010

Accessory for AD 110, WT range

Aerial Pump kit 0006 0040 030
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 2000000

Accessory for AD 40

Aerial Pump kit 0006 0040 030
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 2000006

Accessory for AD 740

Aerial Pump kit 0006 0520 030
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 2000001

Accessory for AD 520, AD 540

Aerial Pump kit 0006 0560 030
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 2000002

Accessory for AD 560, AD 660

Aerial Pump kit 0006 0580 030
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 2000003

Accessory for AD 580, AD 680

Aerial PVC flex tube Ø23cm 7 6m 6000 0006
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 2002249

Accessory for AMH 100

Aerial Pump kit PK Uni 6200 0092
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 2002326

Accessory for AD 110, WT 230-240-250-280

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Why choose accessories and consumables?

While all Dantherm Group technology is efficient, effective and built to last, we sell a number of accessories and product consumables that augment the lifecycle and capabilities of our wide range of systems.

Machinery and equipment, like our coolers and air cleaners, require consumable items such as air filters to be replaced after a certain amount of time to keep systems productive.

Heaters, air handlers and other systems can be paired with auxiliary technology, including remote controls, sensors and thermostats, to improve energy efficiency.

We also sell accessories that help protect this critical equipment for years to come. Waterproof covers, hygrostats, leak alerters for oil tanks, the list goes on.

Whether it's construction heating or electronics cooling, swimming pool climate control or water damage restoration, we have a selection of high-quality accessories fit for any unit or scenario. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Air filters

  • Thermostats and hygrostats

  • Flexible tubes and air ducts

  • Wall brackets and auxiliary fittings

  • Drain hoses

  • Waterproof covers

  • Trolleys and wheels

  • Chimneys

  • Remote controls

To learn more about our range of additional equipment, or for guidance on the best accessories for your setup, get in touch with our expert team today.

Accessories and consumables: Frequently Asked Questions

What are accessories and consumables?

While all of our climate control solutions are designed to perform and built to last, we offer a range of accessories that extend the capabilities of our equipment and protect them for even longer. From flexible ducting to waterproof covers, our accessories span our full range of market-leading technology.

Dantherm Group units are built with sustainability in mind. However, certain solutions, such as evaporative coolers and air cleaners, use consumable components that need to be replaced regularly. Whether it is air filters or equipment cleaning spray, we sell a vast range of accessories and consumables that keep our systems working as effectively as possible.

What are the benefits of using genuine accessories and parts?

Digital thermostats. Replacement air filters. Mobile wheeled trolleys. Whatever accessory is required, genuine Dantherm Group components are specifically designed to fit their respective solutions, and deliver the greatest reliability and energy-efficiency.

Using an inauthentic or different accessory with our products offers no guarantee that they will deliver the intended performance.

We have been delivering market-leading climate control solutions, accessories and consumables since the 1950s. Purchase directly from us for total peace of mind over compatibility and performance.

Do you supply accessories and consumables for all of your product ranges?

Heaters. Air coolers. Dehumidifiers. Air cleaning solutions. We offer accessories and consumables across our entire range of products to accommodate virtually any application.

Flexible ducts and tubes for heaters. Trolleys and wheels for tent coolers. Remote control units for evaporative systems. Replacement filters for air purifiers. Here, you will find everything you need to protect or adapt your Dantherm Group solution.

How do I know which accessories to use/choose?

Not sure what accessories or consumables you need? Our expert team are more than happy to harness their decades of experience to advise on the best parts for your setup.

Furthermore, on our website you can browse any specific product and see a selection of relevant accessories and consumables towards the bottom of the page.

Can I buy your accessories and consumables online?

For all of our accessories and consumables, VAT-registered companies can get a quote very quickly by pressing 'I want to buy' and inserting their enquiry and contact details.

However, you cannot carry out the entire purchasing process on our website. This is because due to the accessories and consumables you wish to purchase and your area of residence, you may or may not need to buy through a local Dantherm Group representative. We will facilitate this when you use the 'I want to buy' button for the items of your choice.

Can I bulk buy accessories and consumables for a large project?

Yes, we can fulfil bulk orders across our range of accessories and consumables for large, bespoke projects. Get in contact with our experts or go direct to your local Dantherm Group representative to discuss the exact needs of your project and how we can meet your requirements.

Can I speak to someone for technical advice to buy the right accessories and consumables?

At Dantherm Group, we pride ourselves on ensuring all solutions we supply are tailored to your precise needs. Our 65+ years of experience and total control over the design and manufacture of our range of products means we can provide you with bespoke, technical advice to ensure you receive the most efficient, effective and sustainable accessories and consumables.

Reach out to our experts for a free, specialist consultation about your specifications so we can advise you on the most suitable parts.

What is your delivery time for accessories and consumables?

This depends. For some standard orders, we offer day-to-day delivery. Larger or more complex orders will likely have a longer lead time.

For detailed information on when you can expect to receive the solutions you are interested in, please reach out to your local Dantherm Group representative.

Do you sell accessories and consumables to private individuals?

No. The Dantherm Group accessories and consumables on this website are sold only to industry professionals either directly or via our extensive network of suppliers.

Do you provide support, servicing and parts for these accessories and consumables?

Yes. We have dedicated offices, suppliers and servicing partners based across Europe to provide timely, ongoing support across our entire range of accessories and consumables. You can get in touch through our contact form and we will make sure your enquiry is handled by the office or service partner best suited to your needs.

We also have an extensive network of spare parts dealers throughout Europe, who are geared to provide you with a complete stock of spare parts for your products. We are committed to catering to your needs and getting you the required parts as quickly and easily as possible.

How can I become a supplier to sell your accessories and consumables?

If you would like to become a supplier of Dantherm Group accessories and consumables, please refer to our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Get in touch with our team via email or over the phone if you have an enquiry, and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

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