Disinfection/odour neutralization

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Master EKO 3 – electric heater for pest control
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Electric heaters for thermal disinfection and pest control

EKO works on the fact that bugs, larvae and eggs die of dehydration when kept at a temperature above 45°C degrees for a few hours.

Heylo BASE CLASSIC 2 – thermofogger
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Vaporiser for active substance mist

Fog machine with powerful output. For the production of a fine, floating mist of active substances. Very fine regulation of the pump possible.

Master EKO 9 – electric heater for thermal disinfection
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Electric heaters for thermal disinfection and pest control

The Master EKO is placed inside the room and recirculates the air increasing the temperature by 15°C at a time.

Heylo PATRIOT – pulsjet fogger
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Dry mist for disinfection

The fogger produces a fine, floating dry mist with a high throughput rate. For disinfection and odour neutralisation.

Heylo ODOX-DF – oxidant
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Product code: 1800267

Oxidising and disinfecting agent against mould and mildew odour. High penetration and penetrating power.

Heylo BIO-SANÉR – odour neutralisation
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Product code: 1800202

Microbiological odour control to prevent bacteria. Toilet cleaner for odour suppression in portable toilets and privy pits.

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Damp fogging for large areas

ULV sprayer for the generation of a moist mist. Fogging of small quantities of active ingredient over large areas.

Heylo VENUS – pump spray bottle
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Manual pressure sprayer

Venus pump spray bottle with safety valve. Suitable for all disinfectants and odour eliminators from Heylo. With viton rubber seal.

Heylo MAXOX-DF – oxidant
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Product code: 1800263

Oxidising agent and disinfectant with long-term effect. Fights bacteria and viruses, mould and fungi. The agent is limited virucidal.

Heylo ODOX – oxidant
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Product code: 1800265

Oxidising and disinfecting agent for odour control. Neutralises foul odours, fish and smoke smells, kills bacteria, mould and viruses.

Heylo DUCT SEALANT – odour neutralisation
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Product code: 1800243

Odour eliminator for spraying after cleaning ventilation systems and ventilation ducts. Traps soot and dust in ventilation ducts.

Heylo ALRON CITROX – oxidant
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Product code: 1800261

Cleaning agent dissolves limescale, soap residue and rust stains. Kills mould fungi. Removes black mould stains on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces.

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Why choose disinfection units?

Sanitisation and disinfection are both important aspects of keeping workplaces and guest destinations clean and safe, but there are key differences in these terms.

Sanitisation refers to the process of eradicating bacteria, such as mould, on surfaces and in the air to keep levels within safe parameters. Disinfection, on the other hand, eliminates bacteria as well as viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2, to make areas much healthier and safer to occupy.

Manually keeping spaces disinfected and free from bacteria and virus particles is a difficult job. As people breathe out, cough and touch surfaces, countless microorganisms linger in the air and settle on surfaces, increasing the spread of infection and illness over time.

To keep these unwanted bacteria and virus particles at bay, an industrial disinfection unit is a powerful asset for any business or building. There are two common forms of disinfection systems: UV disinfection and room foggers.

UV disinfection utilises the power of ultraviolet radiation as a form of water treatment to target and destroy microorganisms, such as legionella, within air disinfection units. These types of sterilisation units are advantageous because:

  • UV disinfection is a chemical-free process, maximising guest and worker safety

  • Applying ultraviolet radiation is very effective and energy-efficient

  • Maintenance is minimal, as there are no moving parts within these units

Room foggers are another type of disinfection system that nebulises chemicals and spreads them throughout the indoor atmosphere by way of mist. Often used as a dedicated cleaning unit, these systems are beneficial because:

  • They allow operators to disinfect specific surfaces and equipment

  • The fine mist is exceptionally good at disinfecting large spaces quickly

  • Room foggers can access and clean hard-to-reach areas

To learn more about all of our different types of sterilisation units and emergency disinfection systems, speak to our expert team today.
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