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General industry and production insights

Insights Content hot factory worker
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Why evaporative cooling presents the most efficient, effective way to keep temperatures down in thes...

Photo of Patricia Lairón Moreno
Patricia Lairón Moreno 8 min read
Insights Content heat stress
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Learn how evaporative cooling helps workers overcome the risks of high heat loads.

Photo of Maurice van der Kooij
Maurice van der Kooij 7 min read
Insights Warehouse Sun
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Keeping warehouses and industrial buildings at the right temperature is crucial for your people, pro...

Photo of Agnieszka Dymarczyk
Agnieszka Dymarczyk 4 min read
Master industrial heating web
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High volumes of heat right where you need it and at low cost

Photo of Katarzyna Cellary-Zinko
Katarzyna Cellary-Zinko 5 min read
Biocool steel works web
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Is it time to rethink climate control in your facility?

Photo of Maurice van der Kooij
Maurice van der Kooij 5 min read
Master factory summer web
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Why we recommend evaporative air cooling

Photo of Maurice van der Kooij
Maurice van der Kooij 4 min read

Featured products

Master BC 341 – evaporative cooler
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Portable air coolers

Green and cost-effective cooling unit with integrated UV light. Ideal for open and semi-open spaces of up to 400m².

Heylo electric heater DE 20 SH
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Portable electric heater for high temperatures

Special electric heater for high temperatures. For disinfestation of buildings, pest control, tempering of plastics or for generating process heat of over 120°C in industry.

Trotec TTR 400 desiccant dehumidifier
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Industrial desiccant dehumidifier

Maximised performance with minimised dimensions and weight.

Biocool BIO 18AIV – evaporative cooler
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Evaporative coolers

Green and cost-efficient cooling unit ideal for industrial spaces. Max. air flow of 18,000m³/h and axial inverter fan.

Trotec PT 4500 S air conditioner
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Temporary cooling solutions

Compact split air conditioner with refrigerant-free connection line.

Trotec TFV 100 radial fan
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High-pressure radial fans

Ideal for long air transport routes with high counter-pressure.

Master DHP 65 – condensation dehumidifier
Master Top Badge

Professional condensation dehumidifiers

Mobile machines that are used in all types of rooms. The use of this type of condensation dehumidifier will speed up finishing and redecoration works.

Trotec TEH 200 electric heater
Trotec top badge

Heavy-duty electric heaters

Powerful heating without flames, smoke or condensation.

Master BV 400 – indirect oil fired air heater
Master Top Badge

Indirect oil fired air heaters with 2 stage Master burner

Master indirect oil heaters with a separate burner generate a large volume of 100% clean, dry and warm air.

Trotec TTK 125 S condensation dehumidifier
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Professional commercial dehumidifiers

“Nobody can offer as many litres at this weight”

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