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Providing sustainable solutions for your swimming pool project

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Ian Furmidge 3 min read
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Thermal efficiency, SFP, fire safety and heat exchanger are key to your choice

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Anders Odgaard 4 min read
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How does relative humidity affect your facility?

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Stig Solberg 6 min read
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Controlling climates in camps and field hospitals

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René Aagaard 5 min read
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When seconds could cost lives, there is no time for damp equipment

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Marcus Bailey 5 min read

Product highlights

Dantherm CDP 50 T
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Wall-mounted swimming pool dehumidifiers

The CDP 40T-50T-70T condensation dehumidifiers have been designed for through-the-wall mounting in your swimming pool plant room.

Dantherm Dan X XWPS Closed
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Swimming pool air handling units

The DanX XWPS combines the best advantages of a heat pump and an outside air dehumidification system.

Dantherm CDF 40
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Wall-mounted/floor-standing dehumidifiers

The energy-efficient and quiet CDF range of powerful dehumidifiers is ideal for preserving and protecting your valuables from humidity damage.

Dantherm HCV 400
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Wall-mounted residential ventilation units

The HCV 400P1 is a highly efficient residential ventilation unit for houses, villas, and apartments.

Dantherm AC M10
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Container coolers

CBRN/COLPRO compliant air-conditioner with a cooling capacity of 10kW and a heating capacity of 4kW.

Dantherm AC M18
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Tent coolers

The AC-M18 air-conditioner is a portable unit developed primarily to provide air-conditioning in temporary or transportable buildings or tents.

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