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Bjarke Brøns

Group CEO

Bjarke joined Dantherm in 2006 and knows the company and the business exceptionally well. He was appointed CEO of the Dantherm Group in the beginning of 2020 and before that time, Bjarke was the CFO for the Dantherm Group.

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Jakob Bonde Jessen

Group COO

Jakob holds extensive experience from international top management positions in Europe, Asia and the Americas and joined Dantherm in 2018. As COO Jakob is responsible for Operations, Sourcing and Technology across the Dantherm Group.

Stefan Liedtke

Stefan Liedtke

Group CCO

Stefan has extensive sales experience in the capital goods industry with distinctive technical understanding and excellent financial management skills. Specialising in setting up, professionialising and realigning international structures in Europe, the Americas and Asia, he joined the Dantherm Group in 2023.


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