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Welcome to the official website of Heylo Climate Solutions

For many years now, we have been using, treating and moving air for many industrial applications and custom solutions. Our equipment dries buildings, heats construction sites, ventilates rooms, filters dust and provides temperature control for marquees and areas/rooms for events − safely and efficiently, everywhere in Germany and Europe. We see ourselves as a system provider delivering its business partners the solutions they require − mobile products, accessories, measuring equipment and the associated processes and procedures and always striving to achieve them in an efficient, cost-effective manner without depleting resources.

During the development phase in particular, we never consider a product in isolation but always in different applications, various environments and uses and also keep an eye on the direct benefit for users. It is only with this approach and viewing from different angles that we manage to provide our customers the tools that make working on-site and in industry safer and more convenient.

Our values and standards have been enduring from the very outset. We pursue the goals of safeguarding the high quality of our products and services, and continually improving them. The benchmark for quality is set by our customers. For them to be able to survive in real-world applications, Heylo devices are developed and manufactured for the harsh conditions out there. We are the experts for professionals.

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Our tools

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Heylo air exchange rate calculator

Calculate the desired air exchange rate or room size and select the appropriate Heylo air cleaner.

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Heylo heat demand calculator

Use our calculator to get recommendations for the size of air flow heater you need for your room.

Product highlights

Heylo HL 800 virus air cleaner
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Virus air cleaner

Innovative air cleaner with EPA E11 and HEPA H14 virus filters

Heylo K 120 – indirect oil fired heater
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Portable oil fired heater

Mobile oil heater with a nominal heat load of 120kW. Highest air performance in its class and compression through powerful fans.

Heylo KT 20 construction dryer
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Lightweight and compact building dryer

Construction dryer with dehumidification performance of 24 litres/day. For new buildings, basements or after water damage. Fast and efficient drying.

Heylo DE 9 XL - electric heater
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Portable electric heater

Electric heater with tubular heating elements, therefore resistant to dust and dirt. High blow-out temperatures ensure fast heating-up times.

Heylo dehumidifier DT 750
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Condensation dehumidifiers

Ideal for drying small rooms and bathrooms. For use in the event of minor water damage and to help drying out new buildings.

Heylo air cleaner PF 1000
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Air cleaner

For air purification and maintenance of negative pressure, especially for renovation in small rooms. Different filters (H/M class).

Heylo dust control system DCS-PF 3500
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Dust control system with filter

Dust protection system with air cleaner for dust extraction and negative pressure maintenance. The powerful filter is ideal for large rooms.

Heylo HEYWALL profi – dust control wall
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Clean renovation with the Heywall profi package

The HEYWALL dust protection wall ensures clean rooms during refurbishment or renovation work and avoids annoying subsequent cleaning.

Heylo ventilator PV 3000
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Axial ventilator for ventilation and drying

Versatile, powerful ventilators for drying and ventilating construction sites, tunnels and rooms.

Heylo FD 4000 - axial ventilator
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Axial ventilator with an air flow rate of 3687m³/h

Surface ventilator with 6 functions in one unit. Axial fan for ventilating and quickly drying rooms and wall surfaces after water damage.

Heylo AC 35 – air conditioner
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Air conditioner for rooms up to 23m²

Mobile air conditioners for a pleasant indoor climate in offices, medical practices, private and commercial premises.

Heylo infrared heat panel IRW 500 PRO
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Infrared heating plate with heating power of 525W

Infrared heat panels quickly and gently eliminate water and moisture damage through infrared heating. The moisture from the masonry is dried by the heating panel with pinpoint accuracy.

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