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Portable air-conditioners for rental emergencies

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With seven depots strategically placed across France, Polypoles meets most emergency cooling needs throughout France by renting out more than 100 slim and powerful Dantherm ACT 7 units.

Founded in 1988, Polypoles today stands out as one of France’s leading specialists within trading and rental of a vast range of professional thermal equipment such as industrial heaters, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and more. The company has had Dantherm Group brands in their product portfolio for many years.

”Our core business is to rent out our equipment to customers whose installation has been damaged somehow, but we also sell equipment to e.g. facility management companies wanting to build up their own stock for added security”, Pierre Perrinet, Manager and son of the founder, says and adds: “The installations are placed in a variety of areas, ranging from industrial office buildings and server rooms to the entire retail industry’s shops, restaurants and similarly”.

Since its inception back in 1988 in the much famed winery district of Bordeaux, Polypoles has opened branches strategically placed across the entire country and today the company stands out as one of the leading suppliers of rental and traded equipment for professionals. “In fact, our revenue has grown more than 800% since then”, Mr Perrinet proudly continues, adding that warehouse floor space recently surpassed 4,000m2.

The majority of the customer base uses the ACT 7 for emergency cooling. Rotational periods vary from one week to an entire month. So it is crucial that these mobile units can be handled efficiently to avoid wasting time and money.

“Being well below average industry size, the ACT 7 easily fits through narrow doors, into most elevators and small trucks and vans. In addition, it can be installed by anyone – heck, some even have truck drivers do it without any problems”, Mr Perrinet states when asked to illustrate just how the unit translates the term versatility into something that’s tangible for the average person.

“Often, the hot air you need to remove from your room needs to be transported for many meters. This is typically done through a duct. The maximum length of mobile air conditioner ducts is often around 5 meters. It is up to 30 meters for the ACT 7. And it doesn’t even require an exhaust duct – all it needs is a water/glycol hose connection between indoor and outdoor units”, he concludes.

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