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Pharmaceutical and scientific insights

Insights Dantherm hospital storage
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A university study that demonstrates how CDFs can help without risking microbial growth.

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Tobias Netz 5 min read
Insights Dantherm pharmaceutical warehouse
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Explore why evaporative cooling delivers the effective, efficient climate control pharmaceutical set...

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Patricia Lairón Moreno 6 min read
Calorex pharma web
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Regulating humidity levels for pharmaceutical production

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Marcus Bailey 4 min read
Aerial pharmaceutical web
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The importance of keeping the atmosphere clean

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Waldemar Luft 3 min read

Featured products

Trotec DH 15 condensation dehumidifier
Trotec top badge

Wall-mounted dehumidifiers

The perfect solution for commercial dry keeping applications and ideally suited for rooms open to the public or with staff coming and going.

Trotec DH 30 condensation dehumifidier
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Wall-mounted dehumidifiers

Robust, efficient, powerful – a professional dehumidifier with air circulating EC radial fan.

Calorex DH 60 – condensation dehumidifier
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Wall-mounted dehumidifiers

The DH 60 is our number one solution for drying out clothes and equipment in fire stations and recreational drying rooms as these high-performance dehumidifiers recirculate the air and physically remove moisture from it.

Trotec DH 115 S condensation dehumidifier
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Industrial condenser dryers

Reliable industrial condensation dryer DH 115 S dries up to 312 litres per day.

Trotec DH 310 condensation dehumidifier
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Large-capacity floor-standing dehumidifiers

Versatile dehumidifier for continuous commercial and industrial dry keeping applications.

Trotec DH 15 VPR+ condensation dehumidifier
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Wall-mounted dehumidifiers

Pretty. Versatile. Perfect climate management for everything of value.

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