Control systems and technologies

Process Monitoring
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Electronic system controls

The eDRY® electronic system controls the AERIAL dehumidifiers precisely and responsively, avoiding unnecessary operating...

Blue Dry
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Drying technology

BlueDry® technology improves energy efficiency and performance of condensation dehumidifiers at low humidities and temperatures. The heat exchanger is coated with a high-performance multifunctional layer (sol-gel coating) using nanotechnology.

Aerial AERCUBE Stacked
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Drying technology

Easy and efficient modular system for building drying and water damage restoration.

Biocool Modbus control
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Remote climate control for BIO air coolers

Controlling up to 10 units at a time this advanced system transfers humidity and ambient temperature data to a local management site.

IMC GSM unit
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Remote climate control

Intelligent monitoring.

Supermaster control panel
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Remote control system for BCM air coolers

Remote monitoring made easy with SUPERMASTER touchscreen controls.

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