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How regional farmers can take advantage of agriculture’s most promising innovation.

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Marcus Bailey 12 min read
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Marcus Bailey 5 min read
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Jeremy Neale 5 min read
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How they work and why they outperform everything else

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Ian Furmidge 2 min read
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The key to consistent cannabis growth is a well-specified dehumidification system

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Marcus Bailey 8 min read

Product highlights

Calorex DH 300
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Large-capacity floor-standing dehumidifiers

With integral humidistat, and options for heating, condensate pump and external condenser unit, and high-pressure fan, you can be sure in your space being controlled to your demands.

Calorex Delta 16
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Swimming pool air handling units

Incorporating hybrid heat pump and fresh air dehumidification technology, Delta units are ideal for commercial and public indoor pools.

Calorex DD 210
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Industrial drying – adsorption

A series of efficient, versatile and compact range of 4-hole desiccant dehumidifiers designed for humidity control across a wide range of applications.

Calorex DH 30 Side
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Wall-mounted dehumidifiers

The DH 30 is a high-performance, low-cost wall-mounted dehumidifier with integrated air heating option available.

Calorex Variheat AW 1200
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Ducted swimming pool and commercial dehumidifiers

The Variheat range are sophisticated air handling units incorporating heat pump dehumidification technology.

Calorex I PAC 22 ALX side right
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Swimming pool heat pumps – inverter

All year round heating for indoor and outdoor pools by inverter-controlled heat pump technology.

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