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Calorex became part of the Dantherm Group in 2016 and has obtained an enviable reputation in the heat pump and dehumidifier industry by leading the field in product quality, efficiency and durability. All Calorex products are designed and engineered in-house by our dedicated team of engineers and product managers with manufacturing plants in Denmark and Italy. Every product is fully tested before it leaves the factory and is guaranteed to be completely compliant with appropriate regulations.

Offering pre- and post-technical support, Calorex has a dedicated team of technical application staff to fully support products from project inception through to after-sales care. Operating out of Maldon in the UK, it is also the Dantherm Group’s competence centre for swimming pool and commercial dehumidification solutions.

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Protect your staff and streamline productivity.

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Product highlights

Calorex I PAC 100 – inverter swimming pool heat pumps
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Large inverter heat pumps

I-PAC commercial heat pumps are specifically designed to economically provide heating to high activity and larger pools such as those in camp sites, leisure parks, hotels

Calorex DH 150 – condensation dehumidifier
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Large-capacity floor-standing dehumidifiers

The DH 150 high-capacity floor-standing dehumidifier is self-contained with fully automatic operation.

Calorex I-PAC+ 12-16-22-28 – inverter swimming pool heat pump
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Small inverter heat pumps

All year round heating for indoor and outdoor pools by inverter-controlled heat pump technology.

Calorex Variheat AA/AW 600-900-1200-1500 – ducted swimming pool and commercial dehumidifiers
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AA/AW 600-900-1200-1500

The Variheat range are sophisticated air handling units incorporating heat pump dehumidification technology.

Calorex V-PAC 12-16-22 – inverter swimming pool heat pumps
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Top outlet swimming pool heat pumps

Top outlet energy efficient pool water heating by inverter-controlled heat pump technology.

Calorex DH 30 – condensation dehumidifier
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Wall-mounted dehumidifiers

The DH 30 is a high-performance, low-cost wall-mounted dehumidifier with integrated air heating option available.

Calorex Delta – swimming pool air handling units
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Incorporating hybrid heat pump and fresh air dehumidification technology, Delta units are ideal for commercial and public indoor pools.

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