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Drying rooms A great investment for industrial and commercial buildings
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When wet clothing risks your people’s comfort and health, a drying room is the ideal solution.

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Gareth Forshaw 5 min read
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Heylo Insights Content fireplace
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Learn how air purifiers can minimise indoor air pollution when you're using stoves and fireplaces.

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Insights Content energy saving house
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Learn why investing in evaporative coolers can save you significantly in the long term.

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Insights Dantherm sustainable residential ventilation
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How we provided a truly sustainable, efficient and effective ventilation system for NREP.

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Insights dehum construction
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Discover how to determine the most effective Aerial drying solution based on your needs.

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Featured products

Trotec TAC XT 27 aircleaner
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Multi air handlers

The unique and mobile all-rounder for professional H14 HEPA air purification, high-performance room heating, thermal decontamination and thermal disinfestation.

Dantherm HCC 2PLA – residential ventilation unit
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Ceiling and wall-mounted home ventilation units

The HCC 2 is a unique and flexible residential ventilation solution.

Trotec TTR 300 desiccant dehumidifier
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Industrial desiccant dehumidifier

Maximised performance with minimised dimensions and weight.

Biocool BIO 18AIV – evaporative cooler
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Evaporative coolers

Green and cost-efficient cooling unit ideal for industrial spaces. Max. air flow of 18,000m³/h and axial inverter fan.

Trotec PT 23000 S air conditioner
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Temporary cooling solutions

The most powerful mobile split air conditioner with refrigerant-free connecting lines on the market.

Calorex DH 30 – condensation dehumidifier
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Wall-mounted dehumidifiers

The DH 30 is a high-performance, low-cost wall-mounted dehumidifier with integrated air heating option available.

Trotec TTK 175 S condensation dehumidifier
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Professional commercial dehumidifiers

Powerful drying technology at the top of the game.

Dantherm CDF 40-50-70 – condensation dehumidifiers
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Wall-mounted/floor-standing dehumidifiers

The energy-efficient and quiet CDF range of powerful dehumidifiers is ideal for preserving and protecting your valuables from humidity damage.

Trotec TAC 1500 air cleaner
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Professional air cleaners

From applications on construction sites and asbestos abatement to hygiene-sensitive areas and cleanrooms – all with one device.

Dantherm HCV 500 – residential ventilation unit
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Wall-mounted home ventilation units

The HCV 500 is a highly efficient residential ventilation unit for houses, villas, and apartments of up to 450m2 or more.

Calorex DH 150 – condensation dehumidifier
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Large-capacity floor-standing dehumidifiers

The DH 150 high-capacity floor-standing dehumidifier is self-contained with fully automatic operation.

Dantherm DanX XWPRS – swimming pool air handling units
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Swimming pool and commercial

The DanX XWPRS air handling unit combines the best advantages of a heat pump and an outside air dehumidification system.

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