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Master dehums rental
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Find out what makes our range a standout choice for the hiring industry across Europe.

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Agnieszka Dymarczyk 10 min read
Heylo Insights Content construction worker dust
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Creating healthy, clean air on construction sites.

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Waldemar Luft 2 min read
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Don't let harmful moisture take your building back to square one

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Katarzyna Cellary-Zinko 3 min read
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Explore how the technology works and why it is beneficial for fleet owners and event companies.

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Grzegorz Kruk 5 min read
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Dryfast solves urgent cooling needs of the rental and construction industries

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Become the go-to supplier for construction and water damage restoration

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Featured products

Heylo air cleaner PF 3500
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Air cleaner

High-performance filter for dust filtering and dust extraction. Can be closed after use of contaminants. Various filters can be exchanged.

Trotec TTW 400000 axial fan
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Uber-wind machines

The largest mobile fans for air circulation and theatrical ventilation across the globe.

Aerial AD 750 – condensation dehumidifier | commercial dehumidifier
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Condensation dehumidifiers

These high-quality commercial dehumidifiers are used for drying structures and water damage as well as in industrial, trade, protection of investment and water-management applications.

Heylo air cleaner StaubStop 3000
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Direct dust extraction

Mobile extraction of dust or dirt on construction sites or in workshops. Coarse and fine dust filters are used to collect the dust particles.

Trotec PT 23000 S air conditioner
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Temporary cooling solutions

The most powerful mobile split air conditioner with refrigerant-free connecting lines on the market.

Aerial AERCUBE® system – drying technology
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Drying technology

Energy-efficient and flexible drying system for targeted building drying and water damage restoration projects.

Trotec TAC 6500 air cleaner
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Professional air cleaners

One of a kind and Trotec exclusive: Portable air cleaner with Vario-shift and FlowMatic function for construction sites to cleanrooms.

Master BC 80 – evaporative cooler
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Evaporative coolers

Green and cost-effective natural cooling solution ideal for open and semi-open spaces of up to 180m².

Heylo warm water heater EW 18-e
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Mobile electrical heating system

Portable electric hot water heater up to 18kW with individually adjustable heating programs.

Trotec TTR 250 HP desiccant dehumidifier
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Industrial desiccant dehumidifier

Special design for particularly long air transport distances.

Master DFX 20 – professional fan
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Professional fans – rotomoulded

These professional, rotomoulded fans support drying, heating and cooling equipment can be used in rooms that need improved ventilation and air circulation, as well as help drying moist areas.

Heylo K 120 R – indirect oil fired heater
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Portable oil fired heater

Mobile oil heater with a nominal heat load of 120kW. High air performance and pressure due to powerful and compact radial fan.

Trotec TTK 900 condensation dehumidifier
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Construction dryers

Easy to transport, hard to beat – our ultimate condenser dryer for professional drying applications.

Heylo KT 45 - construction dryer
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Portable construction dryer

Construction dryer with dehumidification performance of 50 litres/day. For new buildings, basements or after water damage. Fast and efficient drying.

Trotec TEH 400 electric heater
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Heavy-duty electric heaters

Powerful heating without flames, smoke or condensation.

Master DH 26 – condensation dehumidifier
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Professional condensation dehumidifers

Small capacity dehumidifiers that are ideally suited for home renovation jobs and water damage from flooding or burst pipes.

Dantherm TTR 2000 desiccant dehumidifier
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Industrial desiccant dehumidifier

A stationary desiccant dehumidifier with a dehumidification performance of 259kg/24h.

Trotec TTW 45000 axial fan
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Uber-wind machines

Professional fan for mobile air circulation for machine rental companies, industry and entertainment.

Trotec TFV 900 EX radial fan
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Radial fans for explosion protection zones

High-pressure fan for high volume flow rates in ex-proof zones.

Master DHP 20 – condensation dehumidifier
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Professional condensation dehumidifiers

The DHP 20 is a small and lightweight building dryer in sturdy rotomoulded casing.

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