Measurement technology

Measurement technology range commercial climate control solutions by Dantherm Group
Heylo drain dye
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Tracer dye for building diagnostics and leakage detection

Water-soluble powder for flow and leak detection in drains and sewage systems and for finding leaks.

Trotec PD 200 pulse current measuring system
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Pulse current measuring system

Non-destructive leak detection system for pinpointing of grounded leaks, roof inspections and floor sealing tightness testing.

Trotec videoscopes VSC 3008
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Industrial videoscopes

Visual inspection in perfection, extremely versatile probing, excellent image quality.

Trotec videoscopes VSC 206
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Industrial videoscopes

Always in the picture when it comes to indirect visual inspections.

Trotec particle counter PC 220
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Particle counters

10-in-1 environmental measuring device for air particle monitoring, gas detection and climate data logging.

Trotec particle counter PC 200
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Particle counters

Measuring device for precise air quality control, for instance in cleanrooms or for testing filter systems.

Trotec pyrometre TP 10
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Precision pyrometers

Professional infrared thermometre employing multi-point laser technology – extremely versatile.

Trotec pyrometre TP 7
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Precision pyrometers

Professional infrared thermometre employing multi-point laser technology.

Trotec BX50 MID measuring device
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Professional measuring device

Tamper-proof solution for the professional commercial determination of the energy consumption for billing purposes.

Heylo HFM 200 – moisture meter measurement technology
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Moisture meter with ball probe

Moisture meter with ball probe for building moisture. Non-destructive moisture measurement for tiles, organic building materials and wood.

Heylo Digital mini – moisture meter protimeter
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Handy wood and building moisture meter

For quick moisture determination of various building materials such as masonry, dry walls, plaster and concrete.

Heylo Aquant – moisture meter protimeter
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Humidity meter for testing relative humidity

Moisture measurement of building materials and components using the capacitive measurement method.

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Why choose measurement technology?

Microscopic changes in materials and other objects are difficult to detect, but can have notable impacts on everyday life.

High moisture levels make inside spaces uncomfortable to inhabit. Damp building materials are unsuitable for use on construction sites. Grain and other perishables that fail to meet certain standards cannot be used in food manufacturing; the list goes on.

But, before work can begin to address the source of these problems, it is vital to first gauge the scope of the issue.

Measurement technology, such as wood moisture meters and thermo-hygrometers assess the volume of moisture content indoors, conduct home inspections and gather accurate measurements in agricultural settings.

The right measuring device is an essential part of any professional toolkit. As climate control experts in our own right, we produce a wide range of accurate and dependable measurement technology for multiple industries:

  • Digital moisture meters for detecting moisture within materials

  • Hygrometers for documenting relative humidity and air temperatures inside

  • Measuring devices for assessing the temperature and moisture condition of crops

  • All-in-one diagnosis devices for room climate measurement

To learn more about our range of measuring devices, and which solution is best for you, get in touch with our expert team today.

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