DBAG Fund VIII acquires Trotec Group

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Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (“DBAG”) today announced the acquisition of Trotec Group (“Trotec”) by DBAG Fund VIII.

DBAG Fund VIII already holds a majority stake in the Danish Holding company (“Holding”) owning Dantherm Group and Holding has now also acquired Trotec. Holding will be managed by the current management board Bjarke Brøns (CEO), Jakob Bonde Jessen (COO) and Stefano Verani (CCO) together with Alexandra Goertz from Trotec. The combined activities will have sales of approx. 360 MEUR and employ 950 people.

As part of the transaction, the owner of Trotec, Detlef von der Lieck, will continue with a significant shareholding and be a member of the Advisory Board in Holding.

Dantherm Group and Trotec both have a European leading position in designing and manufacturing heating, cooling, drying, ventilation and air purification products and solutions for a wide range of applications and industries for the B2B market. In addition, Trotec has a strong online market platform and a large range of similar products for the B2C market.

Going forward, the B2B business activities will be continued with the strong international brands in Dantherm Group combined with the B2B products in Trotec in order for customers to benefit from a broader product range. Dantherm Group is not active in online sales and the B2C market and therefore these activities will be continued in the Trotec brand.

Jannick Hunecke, DBAG Management Board member commented: “We are pleased to have acquired Trotec and that we have once again been able to gain the trust of a company founder who sees DBAG as the best partner”.
Bjarke Brøns, CEO at Holding commented: The combination of Dantherm Group and Trotec is a perfect match that brings significant opportunities with different market channels and a large, combined product range and technology platform as well as synergies in the combined supply chain. We see significant organic growth opportunities within our business and in the continued implementation of our acquisition strategy”.
Detlef von der Lieck, founder and former owner of Trotec commented: “I am excited that Dantherm Group and Trotec now join forces with DBAG Fund VIII as a strong shareholder. This will give the employees and the company I founded close to 30 years ago the best opportunities for the future. With my investment and the position in the Advisory Board in Holding, I look forward to continuing the work to pursue the great opportunities ahead of us”.

Any enquiries concerning this announcement can be directed to Bjarke Brøns, CEO, +45 96143700, [email protected]

About Deutsche Beteiligungs AG

Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, a listed private German equity company, initiates closed-end private equity funds, and itself invests alongside those funds predominantly in well-positioned mid-market companies with development potential. For many years, DBAG’s focus has been on industrial sectors. A growing portion of DBAG’s equity investments is now deployed in the growth sectors of broadband/telecommunications, IT services/software and healthcare. Its long-term, value-enhancing entrepreneurial investment approach makes DBAG a sought-after investment partner in the German-speaking world. DBAG Group’s assets under management or advisory amount to 2.5 billion euros.


About Dantherm Group

Headquartered in Skive, Denmark, Dantherm Group is a European leader in portable and installed climate control solutions for a wide range of applications and industries within heating, drying, cooling, ventilation and air purification for the B2B market. Dantherm Group has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Russia and China and operates with a number of strong product brands including Dantherm, Master, Aerial, Calorex, Heylo and Biocool. Dantherm Group employs around 600 people.


About Trotec Group

Headquartered in Heinsberg, Germany, Trotec Group is a European leader in portable and installed climate control solutions for a wide range of applications and industries within heating, drying, cooling, ventilation, air purification and measurement devices for the B2B market. Trotec Group also has a strong online platform and a large range of products for the B2C market, including heating, cooling, drying, ventilation, air purification, humidification, measurement, pumps and power tools. Trotec Group employs around 350 people.


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