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Efficient, dependable climate control for private and commercial swimming pools

You know how excessive humidity, poor ventilation or inconsistent water temperatures can ruin the swimming pool experience. For over 40 years, we have supplied bespoke, powerful solutions that enable owners and operators to maintain optimal conditions all year round – while saving them significantly on their energy bills.

With unparalleled expertise in these unique settings, we specialise in helping you select the best pool heat pumps, dehumidification and air handling systems. From leisure centres and spas to personal, private pools. Outdoor or indoor pools. Whatever your need, trust us to design, engineer and deliver your ideal solution, tailored to your exact specifications.

Swimming pools humidity control and drying climate control solutions by Dantherm Group
Humidity control and drying

Humidity control and drying for swimming pools

Uncontrolled evaporation in pool halls damages structures, breeds mould and irritates bathers. From wall-mounted domestic units, to ducted systems for any commercial pool, explore our range of market-leading, highly efficient swimming pool dehumidifiers.

Swimming pools air handling climate control solutions by Dantherm Group
Air handling

Air handling for swimming pools

For comprehensive climate control in any pool environment, choose our robust selection of air handling units. Built to withstand demanding conditions, our units are at the core of efficient, comfortable pools across Europe.

Swimming pool heating climate control solutions by Dantherm Group

Heating for swimming pools

The most dynamic, sustainable solution for swimming pool temperature control. Discover our choice of low-noise, energy-saving heat pumps to maintain the perfect water temperature at all times, from busy leisure parks to private pools.

The European leader in swimming pool climate control

The right climate control system is critical to protect the health, comfort and experience of bathers, staff and others in the pool area. With an unrivalled understanding of these unique environments, we help you ensure that temperature, humidity and air quality are kept in perfect balance, with solutions designed and crafted in our own European Centres of Excellence.

Plus, we know how costly old or ill-fitting systems can be for your bottom line. From effective heat exchangers and EC fans in our air handling units, to inverter swimming pool heat pumps, our energy-saving innovations help you achieve outstanding efficiency and reduce your costs.

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We believe in climate control built to your specifications

Every solution we deliver starts with a bespoke consultation. Our highly trained experts work to understand your unique requirements so you receive exactly what you need.

Manufactured in-house by our specialist engineers, we tailor solutions that meet your expectations, and instantly connect you with the right supplier.

Swimming pool climate control FAQs

How do I choose the right swimming pool climate control solution for my pool?

Selecting the right swimming pool climate control solution will depend on several factors:

  • The size and layout of your pool
  • Whether it is indoors or outdoors
  • The surrounding climate and location
  • Number of users throughout the day
  • Desired temperature and humidity levels
  • Energy efficiency goals
  • Presence of windows or skylights

Through our 40+ years of specialist experience in this area, you can trust us to assess your specific requirements and recommend the most fitting, energy-saving solution.

Can the right swimming pool climate control solutions help reduce energy costs?

Yes. At Dantherm Group we go to great lengths to ensure our climate control solutions generate noticeable energy savings for our customers, including:

  • Using reliable heat exchangers in our air handling units to deliver significant heat recovery
  • Allowing free cooling to be delivered to swimming pools during the summertime
  • Prioritising energy-efficient EC fans and motors in our systems
  • Supplying swimming pool air source heat pumps to consistently counteract the 80%-90% of heat loss caused by evaporation

How does high humidity affect indoor swimming pools?

Excessive humidity levels in indoor pools can cause condensation, leading to several unwanted consequences, including:

  • Unhealthy, uncomfortable conditions for bathers
  • Water damage to wood, metal and other building materials
  • Mould and mildew growth
  • Moisture in areas outside the pool room (e.g. reception areas, hotel rooms, etc.)

Commercial-grade dehumidifiers and air handling units are vital to keep humidity levels at a safe, comfortable level.

Can swimming pool climate control solutions improve air quality?

Yes. The right commercial swimming pool climate control systems, such as air handling units, can improve air quality by removing excess moisture from the air and reducing the presence of chloramines and other harmful particles in the atmosphere.

What is the ideal temperature and humidity range for indoor swimming pools?

This depends on the purpose of your indoor pool. For public, commercial swimming pools, the optimal water temperature should be between 26ºC and 28ºC. For spas, this rises to between 36ºC and 40ºC.

The ideal humidity range will typically be between 50%RH and 60%RH. At Dantherm Group, our decades of specialist experience across all types of swimming pools will help you establish the most suitable solution to achieve your requirements.

What are the benefits of using a pool cover or blanket for climate control?

Using a pool cover or blanket reduces heat loss and evaporation when the pool is not in use. Evaporation is the biggest contributor to declining water temperatures, both for indoor and outdoor pools, meaning it can take much more time and energy to heat your pool to the ideal temperature.

Pool covers help minimise this loss, and reduce the workload of dehumidifiers or air handling solutions.

Can swimming pool climate control solutions help extend the swimming season?

Yes. With the right solutions in place to manage air temperature, water heating and pool room humidity, you can create and maintain optimal conditions at any time of year – extending the swimming season for you or your customers.

Can I buy your swimming pool climate control solutions online?

We don’t make our products available to purchase online to ensure that every solution we design, manufacture and supply fits your exact requirements. By taking a consultative approach with a highly-trained expert, we make sure that you are only recommended equipment that meets your needs – and fulfils this in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

Across all of our products, VAT-registered companies can get a quote very quickly by pressing 'I want to buy' and inserting your enquiry and contact details.

How soon can you supply swimming pool climate control units?

This varies on a case-by-case basis. For some standard products, accessories and consumables, we can provide day-to-day delivery. For larger orders or more bespoke pool climate control requirements, there may be a longer lead time.

By reaching out to our experts we can put you in touch with your nearest supplier so you can receive the products you require in the most timely manner possible.

Do you sell swimming pool climate control solutions to private consumers?

No. Dantherm Group’s swimming pool climate control systems are sold only to industry professionals directly from our offices, or via our extensive network of distributors.

What support do you offer for your swimming pool climate control solutions?

With offices, servicing partners and spare parts suppliers distributed across Europe, we can rapidly respond to any request or issue involving your products. You can learn more about our servicing and spare parts services on our website.

Our professionals are also happy to advise on the most effective application of your solutions, so you get the maximum performance and value from your products.

Why choose Dantherm Group for professional climate solutions?

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Bespoke solutions built around your needs.

We are more than suppliers. Our experts tailor our climate control solutions around your requirements so you always get the ideal outcome – and put you in touch with the right supplier for timely delivery.

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Designed and engineered in Europe.

Quality without compromise. We design and engineer all of our climate control technology at our competence centres across Europe to guarantee units of unrivalled usability, reliability and efficiency.

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European-wide reach for ultimate support.

Support when you need it, wherever you need it. Our European-wide network of offices, servicing partners and spare parts dealers ensure that anything you require gets there fast.

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