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Our people

The people of Dantherm Group

Our people are our biggest asset and the driving force behind our success.

Without them, there is no Dantherm Group.

Together, all employees of our company form the backbone of the culture that defines our company. We’re a flat organisation characterised by freedom under responsibility, cooperation and openness to new ideas and changes.

Our culture

Committed and reliable people at Dantherm Group

Committed and reliable

We believe in being accountable and dependable, both to our colleagues and our customers.

We strive to consistently deliver on our promises and to be proactive in solving problems when they arise. Our commitment to reliability is a cornerstone of our company’s success.

Collaborative and friendly people at Dantherm Group

Collaborative and friendly

We recognise that teamwork is essential for achieving our goals, and we value the contributions of all team members.

We foster a culture of open communication, respect, and support, where everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas and perspectives. Our friendly and approachable attitude helps us build strong relationships both inside and outside of our organisation.

Adaptable and inspirational people at Dantherm Group

Adaptable and inspirational

We embrace change and view it as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to approach challenges and create value for our customers. We also strive to inspire and motivate each other to achieve our individual and collective goals.

Curious and responsible people at Dantherm Group

Curious and responsible

We are curious learners who continuously seek new knowledge and insights to improve our work.

We take ownership of our responsibilities and are accountable for our actions. We also recognise the importance of making sustainable choices for our environment.

Agile and innovative people at Dantherm Group

Agile and innovative

We value agility and speed in our decision-making and execution.

We are not afraid to take calculated risks and experiment with new ideas. We foster a culture of innovation, encouraging everyone to think creatively and to challenge the status quo. Our ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances gives us a competitive edge in our industry.

Our executive team

Our experienced executive team is passionate about inspiring colleagues and customers to create and commission climate solutions that are energy efficient and cost-effective.

Bjarke brons

Bjarke Brøns

Group CEO

Bjarke joined Dantherm in 2006 and knows the company and the business exceptionally well. He was appointed CEO of the Dantherm Group in the beginning of 2020 and before that time, Bjarke was the CFO for the Dantherm Group.

Jakob bonde jessen

Jakob Bonde Jessen

Group COO

Jakob holds extensive experience from international top management positions in Europe, Asia and the Americas and joined Dantherm in 2018. As COO Jakob is responsible for Operations, Sourcing and Technology across the Dantherm Group.

Stefan liedtke

Stefan Liedtke

Group CCO

Stefan has extensive sales experience in the capital goods industry with distinctive technical understanding and excellent financial management skills. Specialising in setting up, professionalising and realigning international structures in Europe, the Americas and Asia, he joined the Dantherm Group in 2023.

Monika kokoreva dantherm group

I've been helping our customers in Eastern Europe by translating their needs into efficient solutions with a high ROI since 2006. I couldn’t have done it without our culture of innovation that encourages everyone to be open to using existing products in new ways or experimenting with new technology. 

Monika Kokoreva, Sales Manager, Dantherm Group

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An unsurpassed range of reliable quality climate solutions designed with the environment in mind and backed by professional service and support.

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Leading a more sustainable future in climate control

Our goal is simple. We want to minimise the environmental impact of our own operations and the industries we serve.

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The story of Dantherm Group

The innovative spirit of our company is built on the heritage of the brands we own.