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Discover energy-efficient climate control for mission-critical environments

Overcome extreme conditions in the field. Protect temperature-sensitive equipment. Maintain comfortable environments for your personnel. You know how crucial the right climate is for your military and aerospace operations – and the importance of working with experts who can help you achieve ideal conditions efficiently and reliably.

With durability and ease of use at their core, our heating, cooling and dehumidification solutions are the standout choice for military camps, aircraft hangars, workshops and more. Discover our market-leading military climate control and get the performance you need in the toughest conditions.

Military and aerospace heating climate control solutions by Dantherm Group

Heating for military and aerospace

From protecting supply tents in wintry weather, to warming personnel in draughty hangars – we help you achieve total temperature control. Rely on our robust portable heaters to deliver consistent, efficient heat where it’s needed most, all built for rapid deployment.

Military and aerospace cooling climate control solutions by Dantherm Group

Cooling for military and aerospace

Excessive heat is dangerous in any aerospace or defence environment, whether it’s damaging equipment or harming people’s health. Our high-quality cooling units keep temperatures down in the hottest conditions, so your personnel and supplies stay safe.

Military and aerospace humidity control and drying climate control solutions by Dantherm Group
Humidity control and drying

Humidity control and drying for military and aerospace

Protect weapons and ammunition from moisture. Create on-site drying rooms. Secure your staff’s comfort. With our powerful range of dehumidifiers, extreme humidity is never an issue, preserving the integrity of your buildings, systems and components indefinitely.

Military and aerospace ventilation climate control solutions by Dantherm Group

Ventilation for military and aerospace

The air quality in military bases, workshops and aircraft hangars can quickly plummet without the right ventilation in place. To keep conditions fresh, count on our selection of professional fans to maximise air circulation in these often stuffy, uncomfortable settings.

Military and aerospace air cleaning climate control solutions by Dantherm Group
Air cleaning

Air cleaning for military and aerospace

Protect your personnel, products and buildings from the threat of airborne pollutants. Trust in our strong, sturdy air purifiers and air cleaners to secure the health and comfort of your spaces in the most challenging environments.

Military and aerospace disinfection climate control solutions by Dantherm Group

Disinfection for military and aerospace

Across both indoor facilities and temporary camps, military and aerospace facilities can be susceptible to pests, germs, mould and other contaminants. Explore our range of disinfection solutions to make sure your structures are safe to occupy at all times.

The European leader in military and aerospace climate control

With decades of experience designing, engineering and supplying solutions for military and aerospace buildings, our systems are trusted across Europe for their versatility, durability and ease of use.

From NATO-approved heating and cooling systems for field operations, to moisture regulation and air quality control in bases and hangars, we set the standard for military climate control globally.

Whether you want to protect temperature-sensitive products, extend the lifecycle of your machinery, or secure the wellbeing of your staff, we have you covered. By taking a consultative approach, we understand your precise needs, and deliver solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

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We believe in climate control built to your specifications

Every solution we deliver starts with a bespoke consultation. Our highly trained experts work to understand your unique requirements so you receive exactly what you need.

Manufactured in-house by our specialist engineers, we tailor solutions that meet your expectations, and instantly connect you with the right supplier.

Military and aerospace climate control FAQs

What is military climate control?

Military climate control refers to any technology designed to control the temperature, humidity and air quality in military spaces, from static military bases, to deployable field camps.

How does aerospace climate control differ from other applications?

Aerospace climate control focuses on the unique demands of the aerospace industry, such as defence and aircraft maintenance. Specialised systems and components are used to regulate temperature, humidity, and air quality within aircraft hangars and similar facilities.

What are the benefits of climate control in military and aerospace applications?

There are numerous benefits to employing climate control units in military and aerospace applications, including:

  • To prevent moisture damage to stored equipment, weapons and ammunition
  • To protect building structures from mould, corrosion, pests and other damage
  • To extend the functionality of equipment and machinery
  • To manage the health and wellbeing of soldiers, factory workers and other personnel
  • To remove harmful contaminants and pollutants from the atmosphere
  • To maximise the productivity and efficiency of manufacturing processes

How are temperature and humidity controlled in military bases and camps?

We stock a range of systems that can capably control both temperature and humidity in military bases and camps, such as:

  • Direct and indirect-fired heaters
  • Dedicated tent heaters and coolers
  • Evaporative cooling units
  • Electric heaters
  • Portable air-conditioners
  • Condensation and adsorption dehumidifiers
  • Commercial air handling units

What challenges are faced in military and aerospace climate control?

There are several unique challenges in military and aerospace climate control, from the immense scale of aircraft hangars and military bases, to the extreme temperatures that can be encountered during field operations.

In addition, when military camps move from location to location, rapid deployment is critical to quickly deliver optimal conditions.

At Dantherm Group, our solutions have been heavily tested and engineered to meet these challenges head on, enabling you to take total control over your environments.

Can your climate control systems withstand harsh military and aerospace conditions?

Yes, if you choose the right supplier. At Dantherm Group, through years of experience supporting military and aerospace organisations, our systems have the durability and ruggedness to withstand these tough environments.

Can I buy your military and aerospace climate control solutions online?

We don’t make our products available to purchase online to ensure that every solution we design, manufacture and supply fits your exact requirements. By taking a consultative approach with a highly-trained expert, we make sure that you are only recommended equipment that meets your needs – and fulfils these in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

Across all of our products, VAT-registered companies can get a quote very quickly by pressing 'I want to buy' and inserting your enquiry and contact details.

How soon can you supply your military and aerospace climate control solutions?

This varies on a case-by-case basis. For some standard products, accessories and consumables, we can provide day-to-day delivery. For larger orders or more bespoke military and aerospace climate control equipment, there may be a longer lead time.

By reaching out to our experts we can put you in touch with your nearest local supplier so you can receive the products you require in the most timely manner possible.

Do you sell military and aerospace climate control solutions to private consumers?

No. Dantherm Group’s military and aerospace climate control systems are sold only to industry professionals directly from our offices, or via our extensive network of distributors.

What support do you offer for your military and aerospace climate control solutions?

With offices, servicing partners and spare parts suppliers distributed across Europe, we can rapidly respond to any request or issue involving your products. You can learn more about our servicing and spare parts services on our website.

Our professionals are also happy to advise on the most effective way to set up and operate your equipment, so you always get the maximum performance and value from your products.

Why choose Dantherm Group for professional climate solutions?

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Bespoke solutions built around your needs.

We are more than suppliers. Our experts tailor our climate control solutions around your requirements so you always get the ideal outcome – and put you in touch with the right supplier for timely delivery.

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Designed and engineered in Europe.

Quality without compromise. We design and engineer all of our climate control technology at our competence centres across Europe to guarantee units of unrivalled usability, reliability and efficiency.

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European-wide reach for ultimate support.

Support when you need it, wherever you need it. Our European-wide network of offices, servicing partners and spare parts dealers ensure that anything you require gets there fast.

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