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Since 1958, Dantherm has helped people all over the world control their climate and cut their energy costs with market-leading solutions characterised by their efficiency, sustainability, reliability and outstanding return on investment.

Dantherm Climate Solutions at Dantherm Group

For more than six decades, Dantherm has led the way in creating effective, energy-efficient, high-end climate control solutions.

This focus has driven us to design, manufacture and deliver millions of units for companies worldwide. From market-leading air handling solutions and residential ventilation, to heaters, coolers and dehumidifiers – our expertise, testing and portfolio of quality products set us apart in our field.

A legacy of innovation at Dantherm

A legacy of innovation

Originally founded in Skive, Denmark as a manufacturer of stationary warm air heaters for factories and workshops, our range has grown immensely, maintaining the dedication to efficiency, durability and economy we were first founded on.

Today, our facility remains located in Skive and has become the HQ for the Dantherm Group. Here, we conceptualise, design, manufacture and test our solutions before market release and shipment to customers. Through the entire value chain, our main focus is on minimising the environmental impact of our own operations and the solutions we sell by making them use less energy and last longer.

A commitment to quality climate control at Dantherm

A commitment to quality climate control

Our cutting-edge technology is employed by defence organisations, telecom providers, leisure centres and many other businesses all over the globe.

Through more than six decades of experience, we meet the needs of any project, all while exceeding our clients’ high bar for quality – possible thanks to our expert staff and exceptional testing and manufacturing centres.

Where the production standards for excellence are met at Dantherm

Where the standards for excellence are met

Situated within the Dantherm Group HQ in Denmark, our 33,000m² factory serves as the heart of our operations. It is where we produce our state-of-the-art technology and rigorously test product performance in our in-house test centre.

This location is also home to 300 employees, and our Solutions Academy where we conduct vital training in the installation and use of our core products, including home ventilation systems and dehumidifiers.

Why choose Dantherm Group for professional climate solutions?

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Bespoke solutions built around your needs.

We are more than suppliers. Our experts tailor our climate control solutions around your requirements so you always get the ideal outcome – and put you in touch with the right supplier for timely delivery.

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Designed and engineered in Europe.

Quality without compromise. We design and engineer all of our climate control technology at our competence centres across Europe to guarantee units of unrivalled usability, reliability and efficiency.

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European-wide reach for ultimate support.

Support when you need it, wherever you need it. Our European-wide network of offices, servicing partners and spare parts dealers ensure that anything you require gets there fast.

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