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Supplying world-class heat pumps and dehumidifiers since 1977

For nearly five decades, Calorex has been at the forefront of heat pump and dehumidifier technology. With a successful legacy of installations for swimming pools and commercial buildings in Europe and beyond, our solutions are renowned for their durability, efficiency and quality.

A bespoke approach: Where effectiveness meets efficiency

A bespoke approach: Where effectiveness meets efficiency

Specially engineered to achieve outstanding performance, every Calorex unit is purpose-built to create comfortable, healthy environments while minimising the financial and environmental cost of operations.

All products are designed and engineered in-house at our facilities in Denmark, while our expert knowledge equips our customers with the insight they need to operate their tailored solutions in the most productive way possible.

Engineering excellence for almost 50 years

Engineering excellence for almost 50 years

Starting in the 1970s, Calorex has earned an enviable reputation as Europe’s leading manufacturer of heat pumps and dehumidifiers, with more than four decades of outstanding performance.

Today, we are part of the Dantherm Group – a partnership that allows us to continue providing world-class HVAC solutions to clients across Europe and beyond.

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Dantherm has pioneered efficient and sustainable climate control since 1958, empowering organisations to efficiently maintain ideal conditions in pool halls, commercial buildings, humanitarian camps and more.

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As world leaders in climate control, Master harnesses decades of expertise to deliver portable heaters, coolers and other equipment that withstand the test of time and minimise their customers’ environmental impact.

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With a determination to continually improve, Trotec’s solutions are specially engineered to be precise, ergonomic and effective – empowering people, accelerating projects and optimising indoor conditions for over 30 years.

The climate control experts since 1954.
Dantherm experts since 1954

Why choose Dantherm Group for professional climate solutions?

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Bespoke solutions built around your needs.

We are more than suppliers. Our experts tailor our climate control solutions around your requirements so you always get the ideal outcome – and put you in touch with the right supplier for timely delivery.

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Designed and engineered in Europe.

Quality without compromise. We design and engineer all of our climate control technology at our competence centres across Europe to guarantee units of unrivalled usability, reliability and efficiency.

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European-wide reach for ultimate support.

Support when you need it, wherever you need it. Our European-wide network of offices, servicing partners and spare parts dealers ensure that anything you require gets there fast.

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