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Since 1954, Master has supplied more than six million powerful, sustainable and long-lasting solutions to professionals around the globe, standing proud as world leaders in climate control technology.

Master Climate Solutions at Dantherm Group

Master pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, developing solutions that perform exceptionally and benefit the environment.

With products known for their sturdiness and cost-efficiency, our technology and guidance helps customers minimise their energy consumption. This unflinching commitment to sustainability is evident in every area of the brand, and what makes us truly unique.

A history of pioneering durable climate control at Master

A history of pioneering durable climate control

First established in the US in 1954, Master has become known for supplying robust, powerful and portable eco-friendly equipment all around the globe.

Bolstered by our achievements, we became a part of the Dantherm Group in 2017. Today, we operate out of Pastrengo, Italy, pushing forward in the development of heaters capable of running on renewable biofuels, as well as training that empowers our customers to achieve optimal conditions with the lowest possible impact.

Driving environmental progress worldwide at Master

Driving environmental progress worldwide

As world leaders in climate control technology, we recognise the role we play in caring for the environment.

That is why we remain devoted to supplying solutions that create healthy, comfortable climates in the most productive and environmentally-friendly way possible. Whether supplying vital heat to construction workers, or protecting the wellbeing of festival goers, our portable heaters, coolers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and ventilation units maximise comfort and minimise emissions.

The world-class facilities at the heart of Master

The world-class facilities at the heart of Master

Headquartered in Pastrengo, Italy, we proudly fulfil the responsibility of upholding our long and impressive reputation for producing products that don’t break down.

Through continued innovation, we recently doubled our manufacturing capacity. And, as an epicentre of progress, it is here where we serve as the competence centre for Dantherm Group heating solutions – playing a crucial role in maintaining exceptional standards throughout the entire Master range of professional climate control equipment.

Why choose Dantherm Group for professional climate solutions?

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Bespoke solutions built around your needs.

We are more than suppliers. Our experts tailor our climate control solutions around your requirements so you always get the ideal outcome – and put you in touch with the right supplier for timely delivery.

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Designed and engineered in Europe.

Quality without compromise. We design and engineer all of our climate control technology at our competence centres across Europe to guarantee units of unrivalled usability, reliability and efficiency.

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European-wide reach for ultimate support.

Support when you need it, wherever you need it. Our European-wide network of offices, servicing partners and spare parts dealers ensure that anything you require gets there fast.

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