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Discover the standout features and capabilities of our latest swimming pool air handling unit, the DanX CF, and how these can enable operators to create supremely comfortable conditions for pool users with substantially reduced running costs.

For decades, Dantherm has been at the heart of controlling the climate in swimming pools across the globe.

Our robust range of air handling units has been fine-tuned over the past 40+ years to tackle potentially unpleasant environments and create comfortable conditions for swimmers, staff and visitors – all in the most energy-efficient, cost-effective way possible.

With this goal in mind, we have always strived to provide the most complete, sophisticated selection of climate control solutions available. This ensures our customers have always been able to find the most fitting option for their exact requirements.

That is why we are excited to share that this extensive range is growing even further, with the arrival of the new DanX CF air handling unit.

The DanX CF

The DanX CF represents a new generation of air handling units, harnessing the very latest technology to provide significantly high heat recovery rates at a very low pressure drop.

We know that the main role of any air handling unit is to manage the temperature and humidity within a pool hall. This protects the comfort and wellbeing of those using and around the pool, and preserves the quality of the building surrounding it.

But, it’s just as important that operating costs are also managed. Controlling the climate within a swimming pool can be a massive drain on energy, hurting both your bottom line and the environment as a whole.

For this reason, the DanX CF has been built to be extraordinarily efficient – staff and customers benefit from pleasant, healthy settings, while management is reassured that their running costs never spiral out of control.

Watch the video to see how the DanX CF works!

Dantherm DanX CF

6 things you need to know about the DanX CF

In order to demonstrate the capabilities of our new DanX CF air handling unit, we have honed in on 6 of the standout features that you should be aware of:

DanX CF 6 standout benefits

1. Immense energy efficiency

We mentioned the first must-know feature in our introduction to the DanX CF, but it is worth repeating how efficient and cost-effective this unit is to run. At the core of this is its counter-flow heat exchangers, capable of up to 95% heat recovery efficiency and a noticeably low pressure drop.

This significant heat recovery efficiency ensures that the energy consumed by the DanX CF is used to its absolute fullest, and hugely reduces the amount of additional energy that must be used to maintain comfortable temperatures within the pool hall.

This greatly cuts down energy costs, and helps guarantee that pool owners can easily meet the requirements of EU Regulation 1253/2014 (ErP 2018) for heat recovery in non-residential ventilation units. At a time where thinking green and eco-friendliness is more crucial than ever, the energy-efficiency of the DanX CF is a key benefit.

Furthermore, the unit utilises both low-energy EC fan motors and low pressure drop to further limit its energy consumption rate. Overall, this offers real energy savings of up to 80% over traditional air handling systems, savings that can be reinvested into numerous other areas.

2. Flexible cooling options

The fresh air requirements in a swimming pool hall will vary depending on the layout of the building and time of year. Fortunately, the integrated mixing function of the DanX CF ensures that only the exact quantity of outdoor air needed is supplied at any given time. Again, this helps to keep running costs at a minimum.

However, during the summer months when the need for fresh air intake is greatest, the unit can add up to 100% outdoor air into the pool area through its integrated bypass.

In addition, in countries where outdoor summer temperatures are particularly high, the DanX CF can be equipped with an additional cooling coil, allowing for a greater level of dehumidification and air cooling.

3. Range of sizes and accessories

The climate control demands of each swimming pool hall are different. Size, capacity, usage, number of pools – all these factors and more influence the required solution. At Dantherm, we have always prioritised giving our customers tailor-made solutions for their circumstances, while other brands can only make slim adjustments.

The DanX CF is no exception. Available in 9 different sizes, with dehumidification capacity ranging from 20kg/h to 144kg/h, this makes the unit well-suited for medium-sized commercial pools, through to large-scale pool complexes.

The possibility of 100% fresh air intake also makes the DanX CF range as appropriate for therapy pools and pools in hotels or spas, as it is for public commercial pools.

Furthermore, a wide range of fan types, filter qualities and coils are also available on request that can adapt our standard DanX CF unit. This puts customers even more in control of its capabilities, enabling users to establish the ideal solution for their requirements.

4. Built to last

The Dantherm range is carefully crafted to withstand aggressive swimming pool environments, and the DanX CF slots perfectly into this selection. Its various components have been selected to resist the heat, humidity and chemicals that characterise the atmosphere in a swimming pool, including:

  • Hot-dip galvanised, powder-painted sandwich panels with 50mm mineral wool insulation

  • Internal partition walls with 30mm mineral wool insulation

  • Epoxy-coated counter-flow heat exchanger

  • Heating coil with aluminium frame and pre-painted fins

  • Epoxy coating to protect all fasteners, bolts, nuts

  • Large inspection doors with strong hinges

  • Tongue locks and handles for easy service access

These and other factors give the DanX CF very effective corrosion resistance, ensuring a long service life and minimising maintenance requirements.

5. Electrical control and command

All DanX CF solutions are supplied with a control system, which takes climate control management to a whole new level.

These systems are optimised specifically for Dantherm swimming pool units, and automatically monitor and regulate temperature, humidity and energy consumption. This intuitive, hassle-free operation guarantees users a balanced, comfortable indoor climate, based on their exact specifications:

DanX CF control system benefits

6. Ease of installation

In addition, all sensors and electrical components attached to the DanX CF are pre-connected before the unit is installed. This greatly reduces the hassle behind installing these units, meaning they can be in operation with minimum downtime.

Plus, due to its range of connection options, this gives users flexibility over where it is set up in the swimming pool hall premises.

Feel the difference with Dantherm air handling units

At Dantherm, we have always focused on being a leading supplier of swimming pool air handling units, providing customers with highly efficient, highly effective climate control solutions, with the widest range of models for any project, demands or requirements.

The DanX CF is our latest evolution in this never-ending journey. We hope this article has illustrated the benefits that it could bring to your pool hall, safe in the knowledge that it is backed by Dantherm’s decades of experience supporting this unique industry.

For more information about the DanX CF or our wider selection of air handling units, please get in touch using the contact form below.

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