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Heylo HL 400 air cleaner
Heylo HL 400 air cleaner

HL 400 – virus air cleaner

Virus air cleaner

The HL 400 air cleaner is a mobile air filter device. Air is sucked in from the environment and passed through a multi-stage filter system. The designer air cleaner filters viruses, bacteria, odors, pollen and dust. With the help of the filter system, the room air is filtered and pollutants are incorporated.

The multi-stage filter system consists of a pre-filter, activated carbon filter, main filter (optionally EPA E11 or HEPA H14 according to EN 1822), sterilising UV light and ionisation.

The use of a certified HEPA H14 filter reduces the concentration of viruses (such as the current Corona virus) and bacteria.


What do air filters do?

Viruses, bacteria and other germs are not only found on surfaces, but also in the air, especially indoors. Do people come together in rooms such as offices, classrooms, restaurants or fitness studios , aerosols and thus viruses float through the room. These droplets can float in the air for hours and lead to infection even when the infected person is no longer in the room.

An air purifier reduces the concentration of viruses and germs and of course other pollutants such as dust, pollen and allergens that are in the indoor air. In this way, they can also help to significantly reduce the concentration of the current coronavirus in the room air.

Filtration system stages:

1st stage:

An aluminium filter is used as a pre-filter. The pre-filter filters coarse dust particles larger than 5 micrometres, such as house dust, flakes, pollen. The filter can be washed out with water and can therefore be used several times. Heylo recommends replacing the pre-filter annually.

2nd + 3rd stage:

Effective formaldehyde filter

The formaldehyde filter with activated carbon removes unwanted odours, gases and substances from the air. It also cleans the air of harmful formaldehyde in a very short time. The substances are absorbed by the activated carbon and when the filter is saturated, it must be replaced. Heylo recommends this every 6 months. In the case of strong odour pollution, such as cigarette smoke, a more frequent change can also be useful.

Highly efficient EPA filter (particulate filter)
The EPA filter filters airborne germs, smoke and dust particles up to 1 μm in size at a rate of 99% or more. In combination with the multifunctional filter, the EPA filter can filter out microscopic particles larger than 20 nanometres in diameter, including bacterial mould, dust, allergens and some viruses. According to the World Health Organization, the corona virus, bird flu virus, influenza virus and legionella bacteria are larger than 20 nanometres.

4th stage:

Sterilizing UV light

UV sterilization with 365 nanometre UV wavelengths light can kill a large number of airborne bacteria. The UV disinfection lamp is usually used for air, surface and water disinfection. It can purify the air, remove musty smells and produce a limited amount of anions. This makes the air fresh and prevents viruses from spreading in the air or on surfaces.

5th stage:

By applying strong electrical fields, ionizers can charge individual air particles and thus increase the ion concentration in the room air. The charged particles are more reactive and can destroy odour molecules and other pollutants. At the same time, differently charged particles attract and form larger lumps that sink to the ground more quickly and are easier to filter out of the air.

Reduce airborne pathogens

Numerous pathogens are normally found in untreated indoor air. This group includes mould spores, bacteria, animal hair and, above all, house dust allergens (mite excrement, excrement), but also heavy metals, soot and mineral fibres. Large amounts of these suspended matter develop, especially on warm days or during the heating season, and are swirled around with the house dust in the room air. After being absorbed via the respiratory tract, the particles come into contact with our mucous membranes and trigger the known allergy symptoms.

The Heylo HL 400 air cleaner can significantly reduce the concentration of these suspended matter and gases in order to generate healthy indoor air.

The device is used in the following areas: Private apartments, offices, conference and training rooms, schools and authorities, practices and fitness centres. In all areas where people are, air purifiers can significantly improve the air quality.

The risk of infection can be reduced in areas where pathogens such as bacteria and viruses (such as SARS-CoV-2) may be present. For this we recommend the HL 400 air cleaner with HEPA H14 filter. This also reduces the concentration of viruses and germs. The air cleaner HL 400 with H14 filter system consists of the G4 pre-filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA H14 main filter (H14 according to EN1822) as well as sterilizing UV-A light and ionization.

Key features

  • Modern designed air cleaner
  • Filters bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust, odours
  • Optionally with main filter EPA E11 or HEPA H14
  • Sterilizing UV-A light against bacteria (365 nm)
  • 3-speed fan
  • Automatic air quality control
  • Elegant LED air quality display
  • Whisper-quiet night operation
  • Fragrance function
  • Removable cover for easy filter change
  • Can be controlled via WI-FI via the app

Product specifications

Product code


Ventilator-air flow without filters


Air flow with free filter E11


Air flow with free filter H14


Power consumption


Power supply


Rated current


Protection class


Sound level / 3m


Product size (l x w x h)

200 x 400 x 600

Net weight


Accessories and consumables

Main-filter H14 - 1771005
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Product code: 1771005

Accessory for virus air cleaner HL 400

Main-filter - 1771003
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Product code: 1771003

Accessory for virus air cleaner HL 400

Pre-filter - 1771001
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Product code: 1771001

Accessory for virus air cleaner HL 400

Active carbon filter - 1771002
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Product code: 1771002

Accessory for virus air cleaner HL 400

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