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Heylo DUCT SEALANT – odour neutralisation
Heylo DUCT SEALANT – odour neutralisation

DUCT SEALANT – odour neutralisation

Odour eliminator for ventilation systems

Duct Sealant traps soot and dust in ventilation ducts. It is a cost-effective alternative to expensive, sometimes even unfeasible, methods of cleaning ventilation systems that are slightly soiled by soot from a fire, for example. It is simply sprayed into the ventilation system. Inside the ventilation system, most of the particles are captured by the Duct Sealant mist even before they settle on the duct walls. The mist then forms a soft fire-retardant coating. Dust or soot from the walls of the ventilation duct is also trapped in this coating.


Application: Duct Sealant is normally used undiluted. However, dilution with up to five parts warm water is possible. Use a ULV sprayer (with flexible hose) to spray the Duct Sealant into the ventilation system via a suitable opening. If possible, leave the fans on to ensure good distribution. Wash the Microjet thoroughly with warm water after use.

Use active ingredients carefully. Best before 24 months after date of manufacture.

Ingestion of the product is harmful. Keep safely away from children. Do not inhale the mist. Use respirator - recommended S/SL, P1, white.

Heylo disinfectant and odour eliminator made by Alron: for professional fire and water damage cleaners.

Note: Read the safety data sheet and technical data sheet before use!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the subject of disinfection

Are your active substances only suitable for disinfection?
No. They can be used for disinfection, odour neutralisation and also mould remediation.

Do your active substances eliminate viruses?
Yes. All Heylo disinfecting agents have a limited virucidal effect.

Can Heylo oxidising agents be used for hand disinfection?
No. The products are not suitable for use on humans or animals.

Are your active ingredients approved for mould remediation?
Yes. All biocide products must be approved by the BAUA (Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health).

Is DUCT SEALANT suitable for binding residual pollutants?
Yes. DUCT SEALANT has been developed for air-conditioning ducts to bind and paste over residual substances that could not be removed after cleaning so that no odours or harmful effects can occur. This is also possible for mould damage for cavities that cannot be cleaned, after prior disinfection. DUCT SEALANT should only be applied with ULV sprayers. To prevent the nozzles of the sprayer from sticking, immediate cleaning after use is very important.

Key features

  • For use after cleaning ventilation systems and ventilation ducts
  • Traps soot and dust in ventilation ducts
  • For use with ULV sprayer

Product specifications

Product code





Polyvinyl alcohol Dialuminium chloride pentahydroxide

Box size (l x w x h)

220 x 300 x 230

Net/gross weight


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