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Heylo dust control door DCD-3.0
Heylo dust control door DCD-3.0

Heylo DCD-3.0 – dust control door

Dust control door

Dust protection door consisting of: Basic door element (for door widths of 680-1430mm) , PVC film with Velcro tape (2x68cm), 4-piece adapter set and transport bag.

Clean partitioning of doors during renovation work. The core piece is the dust protection door DCD-3.0 - for quick and safe partitioning between the working or dirty area and the white area.

The dust extraction openings in the door element offer a wide range of combination possibilities, resulting in the Heylo complete solutions against dust on the construction site - the DCS dust protection systems.

Dust extraction in the working area: The practical dust extraction openings allow a hose to be routed directly to the point of origin of the dust in the working area. The PowerVent 3000 mobile fan easily extracts the dust and collects it in M-class dust bags.

Negative pressure in the work area: The DCD-3.0 in combination with a filter fan (PF 1000/PF 1400/PF 3500) and hose connection placed in the white area near the dust protection door results in negative pressure maintenance in the suction method. For work with hazardous substances (e.g. mould), filter-fans with hepa-filters can be used.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about dust protection

What is the difference between the white area and the black area?
"Black area" refers to the contaminated (construction site) area. Hazardous substances arising during remediation include asbestos, dusts or mould. "White area" refers to the rooms located outside the contaminated remediation area.

In order to protect the workman and the occupants of the house, the white area is separated from the black area by partitions so that they are not contaminated. Air purifiers are used to ensure occupational safety within the black area. The black/white principle is laid down in corresponding regulations, for example in TRGS 524 (protective measures for activities in contaminated areas) and TRGS 519 (asbestos: demolition, renovation or maintenance work).

How does negative pressure work? Why do I need negative pressure in the work area?
Negative pressure in the work area prevents dust particles from entering adjacent rooms. With negative pressure, the air only flows into the room (work area) from the outside. Fine dust particles that are in the room air of the work area have no chance of getting out of the area.

When do I need a dust control door (DCD), when the dust control wall (HEYWALL)?
The DCD (Dust Control Door) is a door bulkhead that replaces a room door. When in use, the room is separated by a sheet and is easy to walk through. In combination with an air purifier used to maintain negative pressure, the door bulkhead is an effective dust barrier. The hoses of the air purifier are routed through the DCD to the point of dust generation, resulting in extraction at the workplace.

The HEYWALL is a dust barrier that can be used to reduce the size of large rooms or to separate refurbishment areas from others. With easy-to-install telescopic poles, a sheet can be used as a vertical partition to flexibly separate the room. Different construction variants can be realised with the flexible system: L-shape, U-shape, polygon, room divider or airlock. The system can always be reused, supplemented and extended. Special clamps can be used for the contact surfaces on the sides and on the ceiling. Here, too, the dust-tightness increases considerably with the use of an air purifier. If the rooms have been reduced in size with the system, the requirement for the performance of the air purifier (air exchange rate) also decreases.

Key features

  • For door widths of 680-1430mm
  • Quick and easy assembly thanks to the quick release
  • Two integrated dust extraction openings
  • Easy to transport with a carrying bag
  • High air throughput possible
  • Easy cleaning
  • An air cleaner or ventilator can be connected using air hoses

Product specifications

Door width (incl. adapter)


Hose connection

2 x 205

Product size (l x w x h)

680-1430 x 300 x 81

Net weight

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