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Swimming pool air handling units

The DanX XWPS combines the best advantages of a heat pump and an outside air dehumidification system. The combination of heat pump and highly efficient cross flow heat exchanger is designed to perfectly control the humidity and indoor temperature.


Key features

  • Built-in heat pump with scroll compressor and high COP. Optional built-in water-cooled condenser for heating of pool or domestic water.
  • User-friendly control system for high-quality demand management. Automatic monitoring and control of pool hall temperature and humidity.
  • Very efficient crossflow heat exchanger.
  • Built-in by pass for free cooling in the summertime.
  • Highly energy-efficient EC plug fans.
  • Efficient bag filters in different lengths and qualities with low pressure drops are available.
  • Load-bearing frame construction module with hot-dip galvanised, powder-painted sandwich panels with 50mm mineral wool insulation, internal partition walls with 30mm and bottom frame with adjustable feet.
  • Designed to withstand the aggressive swimming pool environment (Corrosion class C4 according to EN/ISO 12944-2), with epoxy-coated crossflow heat exchanger, coils with aluminium frame, pre-painted fins and epoxy coating to protect all fasteners, bolts and nuts.
  • IP66 damper motors designed for pool environments.
  • Large inspection doors with strong hinges and tongue locks and handles for easy access for service.
  • Modular unit for easy and quick installation with all sensors and electrical components already connected.
  • BMS communication with either Modbus or BACnet.

DanX XWPS with heat pump and cross flow heat exchanger

The DanX XWPS combines the best of heat pumps and outside air dehumidification systems. The combination of heat pump and a highly efficient crossflow heat exchanger with an efficiency that exceeds 75% enables you to take full control of both humidity and indoor temperature.

Significant running cost reductions due to energy savings may exceed 100%.

The integrated mixing function ensures that only the exact quantity of outdoor air required to sustain comfortable conditions is supplied.

Product specifications

Nominal air volume


Max. air volume


Outdoor air volume


Dehumidification capacity recirculation


Dehumidification capacity VDI 2089


Max. power consumption compressor


Max. total power consumption


Power supply









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