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Disinfection and odour control in flats and houses

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In order to ensure a clean handover of the flat after a tennant has vacated, it must be disinfected. Effective disinfection is particularly necessary if a flat is infested with pests, mould or strong odours.

After tenants have vacated properties, landlords often find an accumulation of countless things on site, including mouldy food and signs of vermin. For targeted disinfection and odour neutralisation, Heylo offers moist and dry agents for mild to serious odour problems. These can be applied either with a ULV sprayer (Cyclone Ultra Flex), a thermofogger (Heylo Base Classic) or a pulsjet fogger (Patriot) for targeted fogging of the active ingredients.

In the case of strong urine smell, Alron Citrox is primarily used in combination with Penetrox and Bio Fresh+.

Application for cat urine, urine, excreta:

  1. Clean all contaminated surfaces with Alron Citrox. The peroxy acid ("peroxisyran") contained in Alron Citrox oxidises and neutralises the worst odours of urine and excreta, typically of a sulphur and amino nature.
  2. If urine has penetrated a material, remove contaminated material as much as possible (scratching post, wallpaper, concrete).
  3. Treat the exposed surfaces and other odorous surfaces with Penetrox. Apply Penetrox with chemical applicator/low pressure sprayer, brush or roller. Allow to soak in for 24 hours.
  4. Re-treat with Bio-Fresh+. Ensure that all Penetrox has been used up before treating with Bio-Fresh+. In case of significant damage, cover treated surfaces with foil to retain moisture and allow the microbiological degradation of odorous substances to continue. In flats where cats have been, the smell can be very persistent.

Application for mould odour:

For mould odours, a combination of Penetrox, Alron Citrox and Maxox-DF is particularly effective.

  1. Make sure that the source of the problem (dampness) has been eliminated.
  2. Change materials that smell
  3. Replace material with obvious mould where practically possible.
  4. Saturate material residues that have mould on them with Penetrox to kill the mould and eliminate the mould odour.
  5. After drying, mould residues are washed off with Allron Citrox. The smell of mould may persist for several years after damage has been removed if the smell comes from the concrete or untreated wood. Treat these surfaces with Penetrox. Treat smooth, non-absorbent surfaces with Odox. If the odour is diffuse, create a mist with Odox-DF or with Maxox-DF using a Pulsjet fogger.

Application for tobacco odour:

Tobacco odour often penetrates deep into a wide variety of materials. External treatments are only effective to a limited extent.

  1. Non-washable ceilings and/or walls are sprayed with Penetrox (low pressure sprayer, moisten without running down).
  2. Complete odour remediation by fogging with dry odour remediation DRY ODOR CONTROL or Maxox-DF.
  3. The dry and wet odour remediators can also be used as "air fresheners" to leave a pleasant odour sensation after the remediation.

Application for rancid odours, butyric acid:

  1. First spray with ULV sprayer sodium bicarbonate solution (2g/l). Do not extend the damage in depth or width by hasty action and reabsorb all liquid applied.
  2. Treat repeatedly with Bio-Fresh+. If there is a smell, spray the product with the ULV sprayer.
  3. Be careful not to widen the problem by mixing cleaned and contaminated. Even the smallest amounts smell very strong.

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