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Therapy pool too hot and humid?

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Training in hot water is good for people suffering from rheumatic problems. However, if the therapy pool room has not been fitted with the right swimming pool dehumidifier operating costs may be excessive, buildings will deteriorate faster and therapists and users will feel uncomfortable while in the room.

A beautifully located treatment centre, The Health and Training Centre in Aarhus, Denmark, is for people suffering from a musculoskeletal condition. The Centre is run by the Danish Rheumatism Association, but accepts many kinds of patients, for instance people who need training or rehabilitation following surgery.

The training sessions are carried out in well-equipped training premises and in an 11m2 hot water pool. Training in hot water is especially good for people with joint pain problems because the heat relieves the pain and makes the joints more supple.

Every year, about 2,000 patients use the hot water pool at the Health and Training Centre. "The temperature of the water is kept at 33.4°C, and due to big window areas the room is sometimes very hot and humid," says caretaker Gert Dahl Hansen. "It is very unpleasant for the therapists and the caregivers, who feel bad when it is too hot and humid."

Better indoor climate and huge savings:

In order to solve these problems, the Centre contacted the consulting engineer Viggo Madsen. They soon determined that the 20-year-old dehumidifier was no longer able to cope with the job, even if it was running constantly. The solution was a CDP 125 pool dehumidifier from Dantherm.

"The new swimming pool dehumidifier starts and stops automatically in accordance with the humidity of the air," caretaker Jørn Olin says. "It has already resulted in energy savings of approximately 12%, and the indoor climate in the room has improved considerably. Furthermore, the sound level is much lower than with the old dehumidifier". Together with the new pool dehumidifier they also installed sun filters on the windows. The two caretakers move on to say that these new steps have lowered the temperature enough to make it pleasant to stay in the training centre even on hot summer days.
"With the CDP 125, we have obtained significant improvements in all respects," Jørn Olin continues before making his final comment: "So I really recommend a Dantherm solution, if you are experiencing humidity problems in your indoor pool area".

Facts about CDP 125 swimming pool dehumidifiers:

  • Hot-galvanized, double-skinned panels with 50mm insulation
  • All external and internal parts of the cabinet are enamel powder painted
  • The access for inspection can be moved to the opposite side
  • Optional fresh-air inlet
  • Optional water-cooled condenser
  • Optional water heating coil
  • Wall-mounted or floor-standing

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