Easy-to-use pool dehumidifier for holiday home rentals

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Danish Skanlux Huse designs and builds big luxury holiday homes, which are normally used as holiday home rentals. Measuring up to 300m² and with a floorplan ideal for renting, the holiday homes are built all over Denmark. The majority of them are equipped with spa and indoor pool and this requires efficient dehumidification.

Often, the people renting them have no experience in using swimming pool dehumidifiers. Therefore, Skanlux wanted a solution that is simple to use, functional and of course highly durable.

Ultimately, the company chose to implement Dantherm pool dehumidifiers as their standard solution for these holiday homes. Gerhard Bredo Simonsen from the company explains: "We have chosen CDP 70 pool dehumidifiers from Dantherm, because it is a simple to use, efficient and high-capacity pool dehumidifier. Being fully automatic, it creates a perfect and comfortable indoor climate even if there are big windows and evaporation from both the spa and the pool."

According to Gerhard Bredo Simonsen, getting a fully automatic pool dehumidifier is crucial. “Otherwise, the guests might well try to do adjustments on their own, even without knowing the first thing about it. In principle, we do not want visitor access to do any unit adjustments at all" Gerhard says before concluding: “But in general, we have no problems whatsoever with our dehumidification solutions from Dantherm."

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