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Supporting humanitarian organisations with swift climate control solutions

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Whether it is in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, or arranging temporary accommodation for those forced to flee their homes following war or violence, humanitarian organisations are vital in keeping vulnerable groups protected, healthy and comfortable.

Across the globe, organisations work every day to help those in times of urgent need.

Effective, dependable climate control is key to delivering the comfort these groups strive towards. Tents and portable buildings alone cannot counteract extreme temperatures throughout the year. From heatwaves at the height of summer, to extreme colds on long winter nights, systems must be available to combat tough climates.

Below, we outline how we have collaborated with tent manufacturers across Europe to ensure this scenario never occurs. We explore what qualities to look for in a high-quality tent heater or tent cooler, and how the Dantherm range meets and exceeds these expectations year-round.

Working with organisations worldwide


Humanitarian organisation climate control solutions earthquake

Formed in 1953, LANCO is an industry-leading manufacturer of tents, decon systems, COLPRO shelters and more, employed by military and humanitarian organisations globally. Among these, they have supported the Red Cross in Italy with temporary accommodation following earthquakes and similar natural disasters.

They acquired a number of Dantherm units to ensure that those affected by these unfortunate circumstances could live in relative comfort, not affected by fluctuating temperatures - our units can provide cooling and heating at temperatures as high as +60°C and as low as -40°C.

LANCO recognised Dantherm’s 35+ years' experience deploying climate control solutions in the toughest conditions, with all products tried and tested in the field.

Antero Lopes, Lda (ALL)

Humanitarian organisation climate control solutions forest fires

Comparably, our tent heaters and tent coolers have also been utilised by Antero Lopes, Lda in Portugal to create comfortable settings for those left homeless by large forest fires in the country.

With these fires a frequent problem in Portugal, especially in the north and middle of the country, it is critical that the humanitarian groups that arrive in the aftermath of these events have quick access to suitable accommodation.

Dantherm helps ensure ALL can deliver this rapid turnaround. Our strong manufacturing capabilities enable us to meet the demand for units in short windows of time. This means that when disaster strikes, we can provide manufacturers with the heating and cooling solutions they need, when they are needed.

Equipos MD

Another example of our heating and cooling solutions in action is our work with Equipos MD. In Spain, there has been a surge in refugees from North Africa, with camps established in the south of the country.

The heat in southern Spain, particularly during the summer, poses a real threat to the health and wellbeing of those based there. Dantherm has supplied Equipos MD with numerous units to combat this potential problem, ensuring the tents they provide to these camps offer maximum comfort and protection against the elements, regardless of outdoor temperatures and humidity.

What makes Dantherm products ideal for these locations?

To understand why manufacturers such as LANCO, ALL and Equipos MD trust Dantherm to meet their heating and cooling requirements, here we outline how our products fulfil the biggest requirements for refugee camps and other emergency accommodation.


When temperatures peak in the summer, or plummet to minus digits, it is critical that heaters and coolers are ready to perform at all times. Dantherm’s reputation is built on the reliability and flexibility of our products in all environments – all units are tested in a wide range of climates, and comply with NATO standards of quality.

The AC-M11 tent cooler is a prime example of this reliability and flexibility. With its built-in heating, the unit is capable of generating heating or cooling in the temperature range from -32°C to +60°C, making it both dependable and adaptable to changing climates.

Furthermore, our units require minimal maintenance and servicing due to the reliability and robustness of the components used.


As well as being built with reliable components, Dantherm heating and cooling units protect these components against the toughest conditions. With refugee camps often needed in challenging environments, we have built our products to withstand the elements and maintain exceptional performance.

Again, the AC-M11 is an excellent example of this quality. Built into a rigid steel frame with insulated, powder-coated panels, these units stay protected from all kinds of wear and tear, so there is little risk of damage interfering with its ability to keep refugees and rescue workers cool.

Ease of use

With the speed and urgency in which these camps must be set up, and often in difficult conditions, it is imperative that the climate control solutions used are easy to operate. Especially if the camps will be moving from location to location, any problems starting, using or maintaining these units puts those on-site at the mercy of the outdoor climate.

We perform rigorous usability tests to ensure our products are hassle-free to operate. For example, the AC 24 is designed for multiple deployments – it can be used at one site, then dismounted, stored, and reused at a new location with different climatic requirements. In addition, set up and operation can be performed by one person.

Our experts can also offer training on-site for those who will be operating the units, leaving them in no doubt about how straightforward they are to use.

Value for money

We recognise that while it is important to make camps as comfortable as possible for occupants, budgets must be respected. Cooling and heating consume a lot of energy, and this energy can be costly. Dantherm units deliver value for money for our customers over the course of their lifetime due to our firm focus on energy efficiency.

Consider our FH 20 and FH 40 tent heaters. Thanks to their innovative 2-stage burning principle, energy consumption is greatly reduced, at the same time as ensuring comfortable room temperatures. This helps our users to save costs over time, enabling them to stay within their budgets without compromising on quality performance.

Furthermore, as the FH 20 and FH 40’s multi-liquid burner accepts almost all diesel fuels, this makes it highly unlikely users will need to purchase another type of fuel to keep these units running.

Interested in learning more? Check out this article on our FH units.


Depending on when and where camps are established, it is possible that they will need to be transported over rough terrain, such as ice or snow. Tent heaters and tent coolers must be equally mobile – any delay can bring important operations to a halt.

That is why Dantherm units like the AC-M7 MKII are built to be comfortably mobile. It can be easily transported in a variety of ways, including via forklift, using the four lifting hooks on top of the unit, or on its pair of removable wheels.

Dantherm tent heaters and coolers

Immediate support in times of urgency

In addition to these crucial features, what sets Dantherm apart in our support for refugee camps is the support and service we offer beyond the units themselves.

From our close collaboration with manufacturers like LANCO, ALL and Equipos MD to ensure our products meet their requirements on every project, to our speed at resolving any issue, our support network is as reliable and robust as our range of products.

Dantherm tent heaters and tent coolers support

Discover the difference with Dantherm

With over 35 years of unwavering support in refugee camps and emergency accommodation worldwide, Dantherm heating and cooling solutions are trusted globally to meet the demands of these tough, testing environments.

If you would like to learn more about our selection of high-quality tent heaters and tent coolers, get in touch by completing the form below.

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