Dantherm Group acquires Heylo GmbH in Germany

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Dantherm Group has acquired Heylo GmbH in Germany with effect from today. Heylo is headquartered in Achim close to Bremen and is a leading supplier of portable heating, dehumidification and air cleaning products primarily in Germany and Switzerland.

Heylo has 55 years’ experience and approximately 40 employees within sales, service, product development and logistics.

The acquisition of Heylo is another key milestone in Dantherm Group’s expansion strategy following the acquisitions of Calorex Heat Pumps Ltd. in the UK, Schönmann AG in Switzerland, Master Climate Solutions Group (MCS) in Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain and China, Water Surveillance in Denmark, Aerial in Germany, Sovelor in France, Futurclima in Italy, Termigo in Spain and SET Energietechnik in Germany.

Bjarke Brons, CEO at Dantherm Group says: “The acquisition of Heylo further expands our range of dehumidifiers and heaters to make us a true leader in this industry. In addition, Heylo brings new opportunities with the strong platform within air cleaning solutions. Germany is a key market for us and we are excited about the opportunities that Heylo provides in terms of market presence in Germany and product offerings to existing and new customers in Europe”.

Thomas Wittleder, Geschäftsführer at Heylo says: “I am happy that the Dantherm Group is the new owner of Heylo. This will give the company I joined close to 30 years ago further opportunities to grow in and outside Germany and to develop our drying, heating and air cleaning technology for use across the Dantherm Group”.

Going forward, Heylo will operate in the market as a brand of the Dantherm Group, utilising the market and product strengths of each other to continue delivering quality market leading products to our customers and partners.

Any enquiries concerning this announcement can be directed to Bjarke Brons, CEO, Dantherm Group.

About Dantherm Group

Originally founded in the 1950s, the Dantherm Group is a European leader in portable and installed climate control solutions for a wide range of industries within heating, drying, cooling and ventilation. Dantherm has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, China and France. In 2016, the Dantherm Group was acquired by Procuritas Capital Investors V LP.


About Heylo

Heylo, headquartered in Achim (Bremen), Germany, is a leading supplier of portable heating, dehumidification and air cleaning products primarily in Germany and Switzerland.


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