How Dantherm helped the Hostek Datacenter avoid humidity problems

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Discover how Dantherm helped Hostek counter the risk of humidity problems using energy-efficient and cost-effective condensation dehumidifiers.

From air traffic control and digital communication to web services and remote conferencing, millions of people and organisations around the world rely on critical data facilities, such as Hostek´s Datacenter in Kungälv, Sweden, every day.

Any unplanned maintenance or outage could cause widespread issues for countless users around the globe, and significant financial losses for affected organisations…

Data centre uptime and how outages cost organisations and business every minute - Image infographic

Creating an environment that preserves the condition of this vital technology can be tricky. When air is too dry, server components can be damaged by static electricity and quickly break down. When the air is too humid, there is a risk of condensation which, worst case scenario, can affect servers and lead to short circuits. The current design of cooling systems in data centers with high refrigerant temperatures creates no or very limited natural dehumidification, increasing the risk of humidity-related problems. The right choice of dehumidifier can help to counteract these problems.

In this case study, we will outline the requirements Hostek needed to fulfil within their facility and how our solution was the perfect option for this critical task.

What is the Hostek Datacenter?

The Hostek Datacenter in Sweden is one of the most secure data centres in northern Europe and is owned and operated by Hostek, a leading provider of managed server solutions for businesses ranging from small to enterprise since 1998.

Originally built in the 1980s for ICA and their large-scale, military-grade security operation, the data centre has evolved since its construction and is now powered by 100% renewable energy and optimized for minimum energy consumption and maximum reliability.

The security of the facility remains world-class, featuring systems such as redundant fibre connections, emergency power and state-of-the-art alarm and surveillance systems.

A Dantherm CDF 40 condensation dehumidifier in operation at Hostek Datacenter

What challenges did Hostek face?

With energy prices rising around the world, and a continued drive to limit wasted power, Hostek required a solution that would limit its electricity usage and increase reliability. However, with a suite of old and outdated climate control equipment, adhering to efficient ASHRAE regulations was difficult.

Data centres and ASHRAE regulations to limit energy usage - Infographic

The data centre also faced another challenge – preserving the integrity of its building and equipment. Prior to an upgrade, the risk of adverse moisture conditions in both the pump sub-centre and the data centre also increased, increasing the risk of condensation on installations such as pipes and pumps, as well as damage to server equipment.

Image showing why data centres require dehumidifiers to protect equipment and save energy

To solve these issues and help reduce the long-term cost of operations, it was suggested for the data centre to undergo a significant modernisation project. As well as acquiring new cooling systems and enclosures with a so-called hot aisle/cold aisle design, the client had several new dehumidifiers installed – something the old setup crucially lacked.

But, not any dehumidifier would be suitable for the job. The right dehumidification system had to be:

Hostek Datacenter dehumidifier requirements for installation and performance - Infographic

Why was the CDF 40 dehumidifier selected?

Early on in the project, the CDF 40 was found to be the ideal solution. This condensation dehumidifier was not only efficient and effective, it was also able to meet all of the centre’s specific criteria.

Easy to install

Because the CDF is a wall-mounted system, the installation process is straightforward, allowing non-specialist personnel, such as electricians and technicians, to install or reposition this technology in a few minutes.

In addition, because the CDF 40 does not rely on complex connections or ducting, this solution could fit within their already existing setup without the need to change the structure of the building or disrupt ongoing operations and equipment.

Easy to maintain

Built using high quality, long-life components, the CDF 40 was also able to meet the data centre’s demand for a system that is easy-to-maintain.

Featuring a simple design and corrosion-proof components, the selected unit was built to last in demanding environments. In practice, this means that the machine has a reduced need for repairs and maintenance, making it ideal for supporting critical infrastructure that is up and running 24 hours a day, all year round.

It is not just the exceptional build quality that made it the ideal choice for Hostek´s Datacenter. The machine’s wall-mounted installation allows technicians easy access, reducing the time needed for future services and repairs.

A Dantherm CDF 40 condensation dehumidifier in position

Versatile and robust

To preserve the integrity of the structure within the pump’s shelter, and regulate the environment of the server room, the chosen unit had to be durable and adaptable.

The CDF 40 dehumidifier can operate in temperatures between 3°C and 32°C and in environments with a relative humidity between 40% and 100%, allowing it to work effectively in both spaces and conditions. The operation and application range is wide.

The unit is housed in a durable and robust powder-coated sheet metal casing and its internal parts are therefore well protected against external impact and accidental contact.

The aesthetic design of the CDF 40 also fits nicely within the facility, meeting another of the project’s requirements for an appealing design.

Product showcase - Dantherm CDF 40 Condensation Dehumidifier for electronics cooling and data centres - Infographic

Why Dantherm is the supplier of choice

Although our technology was the optimal solution for Hostek´s Datacenter, effective climate control requires more than just efficient, sustainable, and state-of-the-art dehumidification equipment.

To maximise the lifecycle of critical infrastructure and limit unnecessary energy usage, it’s important to choose a manufacturer with expertise, outstanding after-sale support and a continued commitment to quality.

Dantherm is a leading brand in professional climate control solutions. With more than 60 years of experience, we have helped IT businesses, telecom companies and data centres create and maintain comfortable indoor conditions for their teams and technology.

For more information on the CDF 40 dehumidifier, as well as our wide range of dehumidifiers and accessories, get in touch with our team today by filling out the form below.

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