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SET i-Silent 10 – inverter swimming pool heat pumps
SET i-Silent 10 – inverter swimming pool heat pumps

i-Silent 10-15-20-25 – inverter swimming pool heat pumps

Swimming pool heat pumps – inverter

SET range of inverter heat pumps are specifically designed for heating small and medium sized outdoor swimming pools and spas.

Offering a very high heat output using very little energy, the i-Silent range stands out for its environmental friendliness and operational cost effectiveness. In fact, their energy consumption is approximately half that of traditional on/off heat pumps and 1/10 of that of gas or electrical pool heaters.

In addition, it does not required a fuel storage tank or high-capacity electrical supply. And it does not emit any CO2 gases, fumes or smells.

Specifically designed for operation down to -10°C, the i-Silent heat pumps will extend your pool season by several months too.

Rapid installation, flexible operation

The i-Silent heat pumps are built with easy installation in mind. In terms of operation, you'll note that the highly efficcient units are very quiet, reliable and safe to use.


Key features

  • Inverter heat pump
  • Average COP 9.7 = 2 x more efficient than on/off heat pumps
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant R32 = 675 GWP, (Global Warming Potential)
  • Increased range of performance ratings from 10.2 to 23.2kW
  • 9-11 dB(A) sound reduction compared to an equivalent on/off heat pump, with ‘Whisper Mode’
  • Multifunction operation functions can be set to heating, heat/cool and cooling
  • Soft start-up
  • Robust housing made of eloxated aluminium
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module
  • Winter protection cover included

New refrigerant gas

  • Has a low GWP (675)
  • Zero ozone depleting potential (ODP)
  • Is F-gas phase-down compliant
  • Requires less refrigerant volume per kW
  • Is easier to reuse and recycle


  • All year heating for outdoor and indoor pools
  • Can operate down to -10°C ambient air temperature
  • High heating performance at lower temperatures – ideal for quick pool heat up at the start of the season
  • Pool heating at altitude
  • Higher cooling capacity
  • Most efficient models – highest COP
  • PoolTherm App is available on Android and iOS


  • Outdoor pools
  • Private pools
  • Spa pools
  • Therapy and wellness pools

Product specifications

Operating temperature range

-10 to 40

Water temperature range

12 to 40

Performance – air 15°C 70% RH, water 26°C


Heating capacity


Performance – air 5 °C, 70 % RH, water 10 °C


Heating capacity


Performance – air 35 °C, 80 % RH, water 28 °C


Cooling capacity


Power supply


Rated input power


Rated input current


Maximum input current


Water flow

4 – 6

Water connection






R32 gas weight


Sound level @ 10m

20.5 – 24.0

Sound level @ 1m

40 – 45

Product size (w x d x h)

980 x 360 x 680



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