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SET AFX 3602 – swimming pool dehumidifiers
SET AFX 3602 – swimming pool dehumidifiers

AFX 2 – swimming pool dehumidifiers

Swimming pool dehumidifiers

The AFX 2 series of dehumidifier solutions come with multi-stage heat recovery to minimise energy usage and costs. The extremely powerful units can be controlled very accurately and are tailor-made for each project to ensure they deliver optimal performance at minimal cost no matter the setting. Fitted with highly efficient and near-silent EC fans, these individually adapted units are ideal for hotel pools or extremely comfortable private pools.


Key features

  • Cross-flow heat exchanger & two-stage heat recovery
  • Up to 100% fresh air
  • Dehumidifies, cools and airs
  • Also in adjoining rooms
  • Extreme energy savings thanks to recupirator
  • Maximum heat recovery

Product specifications

Suitable for pool size


Operating temperature range

+16/95% – +35/50%

Fresh air share max.

% RH

Dehumidification rate*


Dehumidification (fresh air 1/2/3)


Air flow

1200 (1000-1500)

Heat recovery to air


Heat recovery water (min. - max.)


Rated voltage

AC 400 V 3 N

Total connected load



3 x 10

Power consumption


Product size (l x w x h)

2640 x 740 x 1236

Suitable for

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