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Clever remote monitoring with InfoAir for portable heaters

InfoAir Remote Monitoring

Remote climate control

InfoAir is a versatile remote monitoring system designed to further enhance the use of portable heaters which have long been a versatile and cost-effective choice for various industrial and commercial applications. But without communication capabilities they require regular physical visits for status checks. InfoAir addresses this issue and offers several advantages. It simplifies fleet management, providing real-time data on performance and operational status to anywhere. Remote alerts in case of downtime, low fuel, upcoming service/maintenance requirements or similarly minimises downtime and offers peace of mind.


Key features

  • Simplified fleet management
  • Enhanced safety and compliance
  • Preventive maintenance and minimised downtime
  • Optimal resource allocation
  • Cost savings and customer satisfaction
  • Remote troubleshooting and technical support

InfoAir is fully compatible with computers and smartphones, ensuring precise timestamping of all data for documentation purposes. The system continuously monitors electricity availability and voltage levels, providing real-time information to users or operators to address interruptions or voltage fluctuations effectively. Moreover, it efficiently tracks the operational status of portable heaters, reducing accidents and unexpected shutdowns, with prompt alerts for malfunctions. InfoAir keeps a close eye on fuel levels, providing early warnings for refueling to prevent operational interruptions. Integrated GPS technology accurately tracks the location of the connected units. Alarm thresholds can be customised for parameters like voltage and fuel levels, allowing automatic alarms to ensure rapid issue resolution. With it's report generation capabilities, InfoAir simplifies report creation based on selected parameters, facilitating future operations and dispute resolution by providing documented evidence of work quality.


  • Cloud-based system transmitting data with live parameters of the portable heaters working onsite to a web-based dashboard
  • Possibility to remotely lock and unlock the heater
  • Detection of the availability of electricity and monitoring of voltage level
  • Detection of on/off status of the portable heater
  • Fuel level control (optional)
  • Room temperature and humidity control
  • GPS tracker – enable to track the location of the portable heater
  • Set up of min. and max. temperature thresholds, pre-heating and cooling time of portable heater
  • Alarm notifications
  • Report generation
  • Compatible only with portable heaters carrying the InfoAir label

How does InfoAir work?

Check if your portable heater is compatible with the InfoAir system – look for a dedicated InfoAir label on your device

Get started

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Buy your InfoAir subscription here. You can sign up for a 1-month free trial if so desired.

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InfoAir dashboard

Gain access to your very own InfoAir dashboard to get started. InfoAir subscription required.

Accessories and consumables

USB to RS232 converter Info Air
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Product code: 4250.539

Accessory for InfoAir remote monitoring

Fuel level sensor Info Air
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Product code: 4250.542

Accessory for InfoAir remote monitoring

Fuel level sensor Info Air
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Product code: 4250.543

Accessory for InfoAir remote monitoring

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