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Heylo ventilator PV 3000
Heylo ventilator PV 3000

Heylo PowerVent 3000 – axial ventilator

Axial ventilator for ventilation and drying

The PowerVent 3000 axial ventilator moves air powerfully whereby the venting and drying process is accelerated into the most hidden corners.

Weighing in at only 17.5kg the unit can be transported without any problems. The hoses of up to 45m in length can be connected to the PowerVent 3000, letting fresh air to be transported into the most remote rooms and stale air being drawn off. The air can be passed on even more purposefully by means of a practical triple distributor.

Can also be combined in many ways for air cleaning and as a dust protection system. For more information, see at the products:


Fans for targeted drying and ventilation

Shortening the drying process with fans

The aim of drying is to quickly remove moisture from walls, ceilings and floors. Three factors are at work here: the faster the moisture escapes from materials into the ambient air,

    • the warmer and drier the room air is,
    • the faster air passes the materials,
    • the larger the volume of air that passes by.

The effect of fans on the drying process is easy to understand. The fast air movement breaks up the layer of high humidity on the material and increases the evaporation rate. Walls, ceilings and floors dry faster!

The use of fans accelerates evaporation - this can shorten the drying process by up to 50%!

Fans for any application

If the existing natural ventilation in shafts and duct systems is not sufficient due to local conditions such as the location of the shafts or their cover properties, additional, technical ventilation measures become necessary. Especially in warm temperatures, when the air in the manhole is cooler than that in the surrounding area, it is often not possible to provide sufficient ventilation. Even temporarily opening manhole covers is not always sufficient for optimal ventilation. In sewer shafts, for example, foul gases can displace the oxygen in the air and even lead to unconsciousness among sewer workers.

This can be remedied with targeted technical ventilation and powerful fans. The fresh air then reaches the workplace directly and prevents health impairments caused by bad air. Sufficient technical ventilation is achieved when, for example, an air flow of at least 600m³/h per m² of duct cross-section is achieved in ducts.

Other areas of application for industrial fans:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Industry
  • Building construction, civil engineering
  • Tunnel construction
  • Shaft and duct ventilation
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Waterworks
  • Tank and boiler cleaning
  • Shipyards and shipbuilding
  • Construction ventilation and deaeration
  • Building cleaning

Key features

  • Ventilator with an air flow rate of 3102m³/h
  • Very powerful motor
  • Ventilation by a total of up to 38m of hoses on the outlet side
  • Practically stackable for space-saving storage
  • Low weight
  • Dust extraction by means of 3m long dust bag of M class is possible

Product specifications

Air flow


Air pressure


Fan type


Power consumption


Power supply


Rated current


Protection class


Sound level




Recommended number of ducts ( 7.6 m)


Product size (l x w x h)

520 x 400 x 530

Net weight


Accessories and consumables

Duct - 1250005
Heylo tab flip

Product code: 1250005

Accessory for PowerVent 3000, PowerFilter 3500

Connector - 1250203
Heylo tab flip

Product code: 1250203

Accessory for K 30 T, K 50, K 80, K 120, K 120 R, K 160, K 160 R, PowerVent 3000

Fixing strap - 1670001
Heylo tab flip

Product code: 1670001

Accessory for all hose type "A" and ventilator hoses

Dust bag - 1250060
Heylo tab flip

Product code: 1250060

Accessory for ventilator PowerVent 3000

Fixing clamp for dust bag - 1250096
Heylo tab flip

Product code: 1250096

Accessory for ventilator PowerVent 3000

Filter box - 1200039
Heylo tab flip

Product code: 1200039

Accessory for ventilator PowerVent 3000

Filter box PLUS - 1200047
Heylo tab flip

Product code: 1200047

Accessory for ventilator PowerVent 3000

3-fold adapter - 1200015
Heylo tab flip

Product code: 1200015

Accessory for ventilator PowerVent 3000

Reduction - 1200016
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Product code: 1200016

Accessory for ventilator PowerVent 3000

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