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Heylo PATRIOT – pulsjet fogger
Heylo PATRIOT – pulsjet fogger

Heylo PATRIOT – pulsjet fogger

Dry mist for disinfection

Foggers produce a fine, floating mist of active ingredient whose particles also penetrate the surface of porous materials. In this way, not only the odour but also the cause is neutralised. The Patriot is a pulse jet fogger that nebulises many chemical and biological agents extremely quickly and effectively. Due to the high throughput speed in the jet pipe, it is possible to distribute even chemically very sensitive substances without loss of effect.

For information on personal protective equipment, please refer to the safety data sheets of the respective products to be used.


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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Fogger

What is the difference between the Thermofogger and the Pulsjet Fogger?
The Thermofogger is electrically operated and must automatically heat up again after a certain period of use. The Pulsjet Fogger is petrol-powered and can therefore fog large volumes without interruptions.

What quantities of active ingredients are dosed during fogging?
For odour neutralisation you need 1 litre for 1000 m³, for disinfection 1 litre for 100 to maximum 200 m³.

When can I enter the room again after fogging?
After using our products, you can enter the rooms again immediately after the fog has settled and you have ventilated them well.

How long does the fogging device have to remain in the room?
Usually not at all, as the fogging is carried out with the device in your hand in the object and you then leave the object backwards with the fogger.

Can fogging be done alone?
Yes, but we recommend, especially with large objects, that you always work in pairs and possibly with a safety line. It is possible to lose orientation in dense fog.

What respiratory protection do I need when fogging?
You need a full-face mask with A2 and P3 filters.

Key features

  • Generation of an extremely fine dry mist
  • High throughput speed
  • Universally applicable
  • With petrol operation, therefore mains-independent
  • Suitable wooden transport box optionally available

Product specifications

Petrol engine


Tank capacity


Spray performance


Droplet size


Product size (l x w x h)

740 x 240 x 464

Net weight


Accessories and consumables

Transport box - 1800303
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Product code: 1800303

Accessory for PATRIOT pulsjet fogger

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