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Heylo electric heater DE 20 SH
Heylo electric heater DE 20 SH

DE 20 SH – electric heater

Portable electric heater for high temperatures

Special heaters for hot air operation at high temperatures. For disinfestation of buildings, pest control, tempering (curing) of plastics and plastic coatings, drying of containers or for generating process heat of over 120°C in industry. For use in annealing: Glass fiber composites are manufactured with epoxy resins and must be heated to temperatures of about 75°C for curing. The special DE 20 SH electric heater is particularly suitable for ensuring a uniform and high temperature.

The heater can be equipped with a 5m long high-temperature hot-air hose for targeted application of the heat.

The speed regulation of the fan is the special feature of the DE 20 SH. This allows the air volume to be selected continuously. At low intake temperatures, a high discharge temperature of 120°C can be generated by reducing the air volume. Above 140°C, the electrical power is automatically reduced to prevent damage to the hose.


Key features

  • Electric heater 18 kW for high blow-out temperature up to 120°C
  • Speed regulation of the fan
  • Safety thermostat: Automatic shutdown in case of more than 140°C in hose
  • Spiral heating element for quick and even heat
  • Very high temperature increase (Delta T)
  • Operating hours counter
  • Stackable and very soft operation
  • Suitable for hose operation with high temperature hoses
  • Connection of a room thermostat possible (optional)

Product specifications

Product code


Heating power


Air flow


Power supply


Rated current




Temperature increase at max. heat output Δ t


Protection class


Sound level @3m


Product size (l x w x h)

730 x 414 x 482

Net weight


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Accessories and consumables

Thermostat - 1240102
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Product code: 1240102

Accessory for electric heater DE 20 S, DE 20 SH

High temperatur duct - 1250069
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Product code: 1250069

Accessory for electric heater DE 20 SH, DE 20 SH-U

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