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Heylo CCM-Set ECO – moisture measuring device
Heylo CCM-Set ECO – moisture measuring device

Heylo CCM-Set ECO – moisture measuring

High-quality complete set in tool box

The residual moisture can be determined precisely directly on site without additional auxiliary means and tools. The value indicated on the pressure gauge corresponds to the water content in CM per cent - no awkward conversion required. A high-quality complete set with a very good price-to-performance ratio. Complete set in toolbox made of double-bottom plastic, with scales, analogue pressure gauge up to 1.6bar with direct reading of humidity for weighing 20, 50 and 100g, calibrated pressure cylinder with surface thermometer as well as other accessories required for measurement.

Included in delivery: 1000 g sledge hammer, flat chisel for sampling, sample spoon, cleaning brush, digital sample balance up to 200 g, set of balls with 4 steel balls, crushing tray for porous samples (optional 20 plastic bags), 2 sample beakers with lids, set of small material dig with seals, batteries and calibration ampoules, set of 25 carbide ampoules, calibrated standard pressure bottle with surface thermometer, manometer ECO up to 1.6 bar with lid, double-walled plastic case with insert.


Key features

  • Building moisture measuring device
  • High quality complete set
  • For moisture determination of the readiness for covering of screeds up to 10% by mass/20g

Product specifications

Material moisture: CM process

up to 10
% by weight/20g



Product size (l x w x h)

135 x 282 x 387

Net weight


Accessories and consumables

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