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Heylo BIO-FRESH+ – odour neutralisation
Heylo BIO-FRESH+ – odour neutralisation

Heylo BIO-FRESH+ – odour neutralisation

Product code: 1800201

For really serious odour problems. Bio-Fresh+ combines the best microbiological and chemical methods for odour control. Fast-acting odour control is achieved by an amino acid complex that binds and deactivates all kinds of musty, rancid odours or fishy smells and causes a change in the odour pattern through natural essential oils. Permanent odour control is achieved by the subsequent microbiological degradation of the bound and free malodorous substances.

Available as 5 litre canister or set of 4 (5 litres each).


For application by spray pump or ULV sprayer. A mask must be worn when spraying the agent with a ULV sprayer, as the mist irritates the respiratory organs. Bio-Fresh+ is used for bio-enzymatic cleaning and odour control of toilet rooms and bathrooms, wet rooms, waste rooms, waste containers, carpets, textiles, etc.. It does not mask the bad odour, but eliminates it. Bio-Fresh+ provides a biological solution to problems with bad odours from organic waste of all kinds such as milk, blood, urine, excreta, cat urine, vomit, etc.

Application: Odour control on damp surfaces: Bio-Fresh+ undiluted. Odour control on dry or absorbent surfaces: Spray on Bio-Fresh+ dissolved in 5 parts water.

Cleaning with Bio-Fresh+:

1. Moisten the surface to be cleaned with Bio-Fresh+ (use hand sprayer).
2. Treat stains mechanically with a brush.
3. Leave Bio-Fresh+ to work for 5-30 minutes.
4. Rinse with lukewarm water.
5. If the odour problem is persistent, spray again with Bio-Fresh+.

Bio-Fresh+ can also be used to combat odours after conventional cleaning. Simply spray with Bio-Fresh+. NOTE! If acidic or strongly alkaline cleaning agents have been used, rinse with water before treating with Bio-Fresh+. The bacteria have been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). GRAS food safe.

Use active ingredients carefully. Best before 24 months after date of manufacture.

: Bacillus Endosprea. The bacteria belong to class I according to AFS 2005:1 (Swedish Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ATCC (American Type Culture Collection).

: Avoid contact with eyes and open wounds. Do not inhale dust. First aid: In case of eye contact: Flush with water. In case of ingestion: Drink plenty of water. Keep safely away from children.

Heylo disinfectant and odour eliminator made by Alron: for professional fire and water damage cleaners.

Note: Read the safety data sheet and technical data sheet before use!

Consumables for

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Damp fogging for large areas

ULV sprayer for the generation of a moist mist. Fogging of small quantities of active ingredient over large areas.

Heylo VENUS – pump spray bottle
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Manual pressure sprayer

Venus pump spray bottle with safety valve. Suitable for all disinfectants and odour eliminators from Heylo. With viton rubber seal.

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