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Dantherm Flexibox 900 – free cooling unit
Dantherm Flexibox 900 – free cooling unit

Dantherm Flexibox 900 – free cooling unit

Free cooling

Free cooling is cost-effective controlled ventilation – the telecom shelter or enclosure is cooled by means of ambient air without a compressor. Dantherm’s Free Air Cooling unit, the Flexibox, provides total heat management and significant energy savings on cooling in telecom sites hosting GSM, UMTS or LTE networks.


Key features

  • Extremely energy-efficient – savings in all types of climates
  • Total heat management – control of multiple external units
  • Stable operation – stepless fan speed control
  • Clean internal environment – overpressure system
  • Extended air path protection – Dantherm AirMaze
  • Flexible installation – with variants for indoor and outdoor use
  • Low maintenance costs – long-life compact filter
  • Maximum security – remote monitoring and configuration
  • Integrated CC3000 control system for FB 900 units

Product specifications

Operating temperature range

-25 to +55

Maximum cooling capacity at 25°C ambient, Δt = 10°C, 100%


Air flow – maximum


Input voltage range

48VDC (42-57VDC)

Power consumption 50/80/100%


Sound level, 50/80% @ 3m




Communication interface

Ethernet SNMP

Product size outdoor (h x w x d)

758 x 503 x 500

Product size indoor (h x w x d)

666 x 455 x 472

Net weight

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