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Dantherm DC 3500 – dc split air conditioning unit
Dantherm DC 3500 – dc split air conditioning unit

DC 3500 – dc split air conditioning unit

DC split air-conditioning

The Dantherm DC Split air-conditioner is a high-efficiency, purely DC-powered split air conditioner for Telecom networks. The solution eliminates the need for an inverter and has capabilities far beyond those of conventional comfort cooling systems.


Key features

  • Clean internal environment – closed loop cooling
  • Low inrush current – true 48VDC air-conditioner
  • No power loss in conversion – no inverter
  • Minimum hot spots – high air flow ensures constant air recirculation
  • Steady performance – compressor/fan RPM independent from supply voltage fluctuations
  • Energy-efficient – DC-supplied and capacity-controlled
  • Cooling on demand – maintains capacity-controlled room temperature when activated by master
  • Expected service life – 10 years
  • Easy connection to internet and customer interface – Standard ModBus protocol over

Product specifications

Operating temperature range

-3 to +55

Cooling capacity at 35°C internal and 35°C ambient


Input voltage range

44 to 57

Power consumption (35°C int./35°C ext.)


Internal air flow


Maximum current 100%


Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio


Maximum sound level @ 1m from outdoor unit



R134a/1100 gram





Communication interface


Product size indoor (h x w x d)

286 x 858 x 214

Product size outdoor (h x w x d)

628 x 785 x 364

Net weight indoor/outdoor

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