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Dantherm CDF 10 – condensation commercial dehumidifier
Dantherm CDF 10 – condensation commercial dehumidifier

Dantherm CDF 10 – condensation dehumidifier

Wall-mounted dehumidifiers

The CDF dehumidifier is ideal for protecting furnishings and equipment stored at low temperatures. Being fully automatic with electronic control and a built-in, adjustable hygrostat, the unit has a clear display that indicates the current status of operation.

Defrosting is incorporated in the electronic control. The CDF 10 dehumidifier is operational at temperatures down to 3°C, where the electronic control switches off the dehumidifier.


Key features

  • Built into a strong and robust powder coated hot galvanized sheet metal cabinet
  • Evaporator and condenser coils are epoxy-coated for high corrosion resistance
  • The condensate outlet is located at the bottom of the CDF dehumidifier. The outlet stub can be connected to a water hose
  • Easy accessible washable air filters from front cover
  • Reciprocating compressor
  • Axial fan
  • Electronic control and user-friendly display panel
  • Active, demand-controlled defrosting
  • Available in white and grey

The CDF 10 works in accordance with the condensation principle. A fan draws the humid air into the dehumidifier and through an evaporator coil. When passing through the evaporator the air is cooled down to below its dew point temperature and its content of water vapour is condensed into water, which falls into the drip tray and then is led from the drip tray to a drain. The cold, dry air is then passed over the condenser coil where it is re-heated, before leaving the unit at a temperature, which is approx. 5°C higher than at the inlet.

Electronic control

The CDF 10 has a built-in hygrostat and is fully automatic with electronic control. The hygrostat is placed behind the front panel and the required relative humidity level can be adjusted by moving the set screw. On delivery the CDF 10 is set at approx. 60% RH.

The CDF 10 is switched on and off by the switch on the side of the unit. A green LED on the front panel lights when the compressor is operating.

If the CDF 10 is used with a water container, it switches off automatically when the water tank is full. A red LED on the front panel lights when the water container needs to be emptied.


Active, demand-controlled defrosting is incorporated in the electronic control. A sensor on the evaporator coil ensures that the evaporator is only defrosted when required. The evaporator coil is defrosted by means of hot refrigerant bypassing the condenser and being fed through the evaporator.

The CDF 10 is automatically switched off when the temperature is lower than 3°C. It restarts when the room temperature has increased to more than 3°C.

Product specifications

Operating temperature range


Operating humidity range

% RH

Dehumidification @ 30°C/60% RH


Air flow


Power supply


Max. power consumption


Sound pressure level @ 1m


R134a gas weight/CO2 equivalent


Water container capacity


Product size (w x d x h)

535 x 240 x 600



Accessories and consumables

Dantherm Room hygrostat 516301
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Product code: 516301

Accessory for CDF 10, HCV 300, HCV 400, HCV 500, HCV 700, HCH 5, HCH 8, HCC 2

Dantherm Water tank white 351615
Dantherm climate soloutions tab flip

Product code: 351615

Accessory for CDF 10

Dantherm Water tank grey 351616
Dantherm climate soloutions tab flip

Product code: 351616

Accessory for CDF 10

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